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Embodied Theory Lab

Embodied Theory Lab is a platform that brings together disabled and non-disabled artists, academics and activists to think through theoretical concepts and social, political and cultural idea(l)s in ways that make space for embodied, uncodified, tacit and practice-based (as well as classic theoretical) knowledges. 

Using crip communities’ lived experiences as a ‘body of knowledge’ (Siebers 2021) and a source of expertise, the project aims to conjure socialities, relationalities and shared temporalities premised on interdependence, response-ability and radical care. This will be achieved through a series of movement- and theory-based workshops facilitated by, and involving, disabled and non-disabled movement practitioners, activists and theorists.


  • Fostering dialogues and knowledge co-production between activists, artists, academics and the wider disabled community
  • Amplifying the voices of the crip communities and foregrounding crip experience as a source of knowledge
  • Making space for production, dissemination and legitimisation of non-verbal, non-codified knowledges
  • Developing experimental and arts-based pedagogies and research methods that enable both academics and non-academics to “do” (i.e., generate, build, and practice) theory in embodied ways

The first workshop (invitation only) will be held on May 17 at LSE’s Shaw Library. It will be facilitated by award-winning choreographer Annie Hanauer and theorist and activist Dr Chrys Papaioannou

The second workshop will be held at The Sociological Review’s Undisciplining II conference in September 2024 - details to follow.

For more information, contact Dr Jana Melkumova-Reynolds Y.M.Reynolds@lse.ac.uk