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The BJS Prize and Early Career Prize


BJS Prize

The BJS Prize is awarded biannually for an article published in the BJS during a 24-month period that makes an outstanding contribution to sociological knowledge. The award takes the form of £500 plus a year's subscription to the Journal (or books from the Wiley catalogue to the same value if this is preferred).

BJS Early Career Prize

The BJS Early Career Prize is an award for authors who are in the first five years after gaining their PhDs. We hope it will encourage submissions from people at an early stage of their career. The Prize will be awarded every two years.


- Papers published in the BJS by academics who are in the first five years from the award of their PhD.
- The case for eligibility will be based on the amount of work contributed to joint works and will be decided by the Editors.
- An author may have more than one paper considered for the Prize.
- Authors will be asked if they are eligible to put themselves forward for the Prize when their paper are accepted for publication.


- Entries will be judged by the Editorial Board.
- The award of the Prize will be at the discretion of the Board
- In the unusual event where no award can be made, the Board has the discretion to extend this period by an additional year.


- The Prize will be awarded at the Annual BJS Lecture held at the LSE.
- Where there are two authors the Prize will be split 50/50.
- The winner of the successful contribution will receive a cheque for £500 together with £500 worth of Wiley books.
- Only one Prize can be awarded per manuscript or per author.

Consideration of eligible papers is now open and the first award will be made in 2017. For further information please contact

BJS Prize winners

Robert Byrn

2016: Awarded to Robert J. Brym, Melissa Godbout, Andreas Hoffbauer, Gabe Menard and Tony Huiquan Zhong for their paper 'Social media in the 2011 Egyptian uprising'

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Bruno Latour

2014: Awarded to Bruno Latour, Pablo Jensen, Tommaso Venturini, Sebastian Grauwin and Dominic Bouille (Science Po, France) for their paper ‘The whole is always smaller than its part - a digital test of Gabriel Tardes' monads'.

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Anthony King


Awarded to Anthony King (University of Exeter) for his paper 'The Afghan war and "postmodern" memory: commemoration and the dead of Helmund'

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Clare Saunders


The first BJS Prize was awarded to Clare Saunders (School of Social Sciences, Southampton University) for her paper 'Double-edged swords? Collective identity and solidarity in the environment movement'

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BJS Early Career Prize winners

Umit Cetin

BJS Early Career Prize Announcement 2017

The BJS Early Career Prize has been awarded to Umit Cetin for his paper "Cosmopolitanism and the relevance of ‘zombie concepts’: the case of anomic suicide amongst Alevi Kurd youth” (2017) which was originally published in BJS 68(2). The paper was derived from Umit’s doctoral research, which he undertook at the University of Essex, which focused on suicide amongst second generation Alevi-Kurdish young men in London. 

Dr Cetin accepted the Prize at the 2017 BJS Annual Lecture on 26th October 2017 from Editor-in-Chief Professor Nigel Dodd, who commented: "Umit’s paper delves deeply into classical sociology in order to get to grips with his own, rich ethnographic data on the Kurdish migrant community in London. It’s an excellent and original paper, which has something compelling to say about the diversity of trajectories that transnational migrants follow in a cosmopolitan city such as London, and about the formation of a new rainbow underclass".