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Financial help and support

For detailed information about School level sources of funding, please refer to the Financial Support Office webpages

Final year PhD fund
Are you writing up your thesis? There is funding available to support your writing up period and help you finish on time. 

Departmental Financial Support

Titmuss Meinhardt Hardship Fund

Available to all Social Policy students in cases of unforeseeable financial need or emergency and where students have been unable to obtain assistance from the School’s Financial Support Office.

Contact: Damian Roberts, Department Manager 


Titmuss Meinhardt Funding for PhD students

The Titmuss Meinhardt Memorial Fund provides limited funds to support the activities of the Department of Social Policy’s PhD students. Specifically, these funds can be used to pay for expenses relating to data access (including fees related to the addition of questions into a survey).

Students with alternative sources of funding, such as an ESRC or LSE Studentship, may only apply for Titmuss Meinhardt funds if the alternative source of funding is not available.

An individual student will not normally be awarded more than £1,000 in any one academic year. This amount is pro-rated for students enrolled on a part-time basis.

Application procedure

Applications should be submitted to the Secretary of the Committee (Damian Roberts, Department Manager, Department of Social Policy:

The application should include i) details of the proposed expenditure, ii) a statement of support from the student’s PhD supervisor and, where applicable, iii) evidence that alternative sources of funding are not available (see above).

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decision within one month during term time and within two months outside of term time.

Social Policy Prizes

Titmuss PhD Prize

The Titmuss PhD Prize is a prestigious award, made annually, to recognise the most outstanding thesis submitted by a student of the Department. 

Prize recipient 2016/17

Rikki Dean, MPhil/PhD in Social Policy, 
'Democratising bureaucracy: the many meanings of public participation and how to harness them'