MSc Alumni in Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Ben Ferguson (2008–2009)

29 September 2009|

After completing my MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences, I worked for one year at an educational publishing company before returning to the LSE to pursue a PhD in Philosophy. The work I did during the MSc helped me to isolate the general structure of arguments and improved my attention to detail-both of which were useful […]

Alkistis Elliott-Graves (2007–2008)

29 September 2008|

The Philosophy of the Social Sciences MSc programme at the LSE was a great opportunity for me. I learned more in one year than in all of my previous years of school and university put together. The faculty are all experts in their fields and the lectures and seminars are very well structured. In addition, I received […]

Ivan Sandoval-Cervantes (2006–2007)

29 September 2007|

As an anthropologist, the MSc at the LSE proved to be both a serious challenge and a strong contribution to my academic formation. After completing the one-year Master´s programme I found myself able to apply some of the concepts of analytical philosophy. For example, I am currently working for an environmentalist NGO based in the Mexican Caribbean; […]

Eliana M. Santanatoglia (2006–2007)

29 September 2007|

I have accepted a position as a full time Research Fellow at the Fundación Friedrich A. von Hayek in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Fundación Friedrich A. von Hayek is a non-profit organization established with the purpose of encouraging research, development of educational programs and diffusion of the essential principles of the free society, in the fields of […]

Tahiya Umrana Islam (2006–2007)

29 September 2007|

I am currently a Corporate Tax associate with Deloitte’s London tax practice. Having read for a B.Sc. in Philosophy and Economics at LSE I chose to continue my studies and undertake an M.Sc. in Philosophy of the Social Sciences. I took courses in Philosophy and Public Policy, Evidence and Scientific Method and Foundations of Probability, and completed […]

Roberto Fumagalli (2006–2007)

29 September 2007|

I am currently a third year PhD student and graduate teaching assistant in Morality and Values at the LSE Philosophy Department. I joined the MSc program in Philosophy of Social Sciences in 2006, shortly after gaining an MSc in Economics at the Bocconi University (Milan). The courses I took at the LSE were intensive and intellectually rewarding, […]

Gene Callahan (2006–2007)

29 September 2007|

My year spent at LSE was one of the most rewarding intellectual experiences of my life. Every member of the faculty with whom I dealt was brilliant, engaging, and stimulating, and the course materials were great. Add to that the rich variety of seminars and special lectures always available, as well as the location in the heart […]

Joshua Rust (2005–2006)

29 September 2006|

I attended the London School of Economics to supplement my existing graduate work in philosophy prior to my going on to the job market. The education I received surpassed my expectations: in addition to general survey courses, the program offers in-depth instruction in specific topics by leading authorities in the philosophy of science and social science. Students […]

Rogelio Mondragon Reyes (2004–2005)

29 September 2005|

I came to LSE in 2004-2005 to study a MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences. I was very enthusiastic in the beginning. Afterwards, I realized that the program I was studying was ranked number 1 in the Philosophical Gourmet Report! After that, I felt not only enthusiastic, but very lucky and honoured to have the chance […]

Michiru Nagatsu (2004–2005)

29 September 2005|

I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology and Philosophy, University of Exeter. My dissertation topic is methodology of rational choice theory. I’m working with Prof. Francesco Guala, whom I first met in London while I was doing my MSc at LSE. I am visiting (Sep. 2007- Jan. 2008) the Department of Moral and Social […]