I came to LSE in 2004-2005 to study a MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences. I was very enthusiastic in the beginning. Afterwards, I realized that the program I was studying was ranked number 1 in the Philosophical Gourmet Report! After that, I felt not only enthusiastic, but very lucky and honoured to have the chance to study in such a great university. The program is fantastic because it allows you to have an idea of the many paths the social sciences have walked from the beginning of the twentith century up to today.

I came back to Mexico by the beginning of 2006. I managed to became advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mexico, and at this time, I have a full time job as a teacher of political theory in the University of Mexico City. I want to share with all the students and peers the things I learned up there in London. It was one of my greatest experiences. I made excellent friends and learned a lot about England (and about me). The best of LSE: Library, Bookstore and the Three Tunes with a Guinness chatting with your pals!

I took the MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences at LSE in 2009/10 and I must say that I really enjoyed it. My class was full of inspiring fellow students and the relationship with the teachers was very good. Besides reading a lot of the giants’ works in philosophy, the course itself is very good to train one’s analytical thinking. This has helped me a lot to get forward in my professional life as a journalist. Today, I am working as London correspondent for various media, notably for Austrian daily newspaper Die Presse, for which I write about economics, media, sports and other topics.