We’re pleased to confirm the appearence of several LSE Philosophers at the forthcoming Philosophy Now Festival.

Philosophy Now is a bi-monthly magazine containing articles on all aspects of Western philosophy, as well as book reviews, letters, news, cartoons, and the occasional short story. The Philosophy Now festival is now into its third year and will take place 21 November, 10am–10pm. At the festival you’ll find talks, debates, workshops, and philosophical games for the whole family. Entrance is free and open to all.

Appearing on the programme for the festival are Bryan W. Roberts, Susanne Burri, Roman Frigg and Rudy Fara.

From 12noon to 1pm, Roman Frigg and Rudy Fara will present the work of the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS) in a talk entitled “Philosophy of Science in Action“. Roman Frigg is the director of the CPNSS and a Professor here in the Department. Rudy Fara is a Research Associate of the Centre.

From 4pm to 5pm, there’ll be a Dialogue between Bryan Roberts and Susanne Burri on “The Ethics of Drones“. Bryan and Susanne are both Assistant Professors in the Department.

Further information about the festival is available on the Philosophy Now website.