We’re pleased to welcome Miklós Rédei as our new Head of Department.

After six years as Head of Department, Professor Luc Bovens will be taking a well-deserved sabbatical this year at Princeton University’s Center for Human Values. Although we’re sorry to see Luc go, we’re also excited to welcome our new Head of Department, Professor Miklós Rédei.

Miklos3Miklós has been with LSE Philosophy since 2007. He has spent time as a lecturer, a reader and, since 2013, as a Professor in the Department. Since joining the Department, Miklós has taught on our Philosophy of Science, Philosophical Foundations of Physics, and Set Theory and Further Logic courses, as well as leading our Philosophy of Science MSc programme.

Miklós specialises in the foundational and philosophical problems of modern physics, especially quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, quantum logic, and theories of probablistic causation. In 2013, along with Gábor Hofer-Szabó and László E. Szabó, Miklós published The Principle of the Common Cause. This book gives a technically detailed analysis of the common cause principle: the claim that every correlation is either due to a direct causal effect linking the correlated entities or is brought about by a third factor, a so-called common cause.

Another of Miklós’s interests concerns John von Neumann and his work on the foundations of physics. As well as co-editing John von Neumann and the Foundations of Quantum Physics, he has edited a collection of von Neumann’s letters for the American Mathematical Society’s John von Neumann: Selected Letters.

After having spent his sabbatical year in visiting positions at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest and Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, we’re pleased to welcome Miklós back to LSE as our new Head of Department.