Kuwait Programme

The Kuwait Programme organises research-focused seminars and breakfast seminars at LSE and in Kuwait. Below are forthcoming and past events organised by the Programme.

Forthcoming Events

Forthcoming events will be listed here.

Past events and podcasts



  • Kuwait goes to the Polls: Discussing the 2020 Parliamentary Elections
    8 December 2020 | Abdullah al-Khonaini, Independent Researcher; Alanoud Al-Sharekh Ibtkar Strategic Consultancy; Michael Herb; Georgia State University; Daniel L. Tavana; Yale University.
  • Reforming the Gulf Rentier State: From Patronage to Cash Grants?
    18 February 2021 | Steffen Hertog, LSE; Yousef Al-Ebraheem, KFAS.
  • Hitting the Glass Ceiling? Women's Political Participation in Kuwait
    9 March 2021 | Zeynep Kaya, LSE; Lubna Al-Kazi, Kuwait University.
  • Stuck in the 20th Century? Kuwait’s Urbanisation, Transport, and use of Public Space
    25 May 2021 | Asseel Al-Ragam, Kuwait University; Sharifa AlShalfan, Independent Researcher; Alexandra Gomes, LSE; Adeel Muhammad, University of Leeds; Reem Alfahad, Independent Researcher.


  • How Modern Education Forged an Arab Nationalist Identity in Kuwait
    26 February 2020 | Talal Al-Rashoud, Kuwait University
  • Assessing the Uncertain Progress of Economic Reforms in the Gulf
    6 November 2019 | Robert Mogielnicki, Arab Gulf States Institute
  • Foodscapes for Health Research: Using a Spatial Lens to Measure and Characterise the Physical and Virtual Food Environments in Kuwait
    30 October 2019 | Saad AlSharrah, Dasman Diabetes Institute 


  • We Can Help You: Case Study of the Grassroots Online Breastfeeding Support Services in Kuwait
    24 July 2019 | Fatima Boujarwah, Kuwait University 
  • Building the "New Kuwait": The Role of the Private Sector in the Post-Oil Dependent Political Economy
    6 February 2019 | Sophie Olver-Ellis, LSE Kuwait Programme
  • The Rentierization of the Private Sector in the GCC
    15 January 2019 | Hend Al-Sulaiti
  • The Doctor’s Hand in Kuwait’s Health Sector Supply Chain and Expenditure
    12 December 2018 | Yousef Abdulsalam, Kuwait University


  • From Tankers to Tablets: Is Kuwait Ready for a Digital Evolution?
    28 August 2018 | Fahad Al-Sumait, Gulf University of Science & Technology.
  • Kuwait’s Digital Health Maturity: Challenges, Opportunities, and Policy Recommendations
    31 July 2018 | Dari Alhuwail, Kuwait University.
  • Mixed Moralities: Cybersecurity in Kuwait, Egypt and the GCC
    22 March 2018 | James Shires.
  • Resource Urbanisms: Asia’s divergent city models of Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Hong Kong
    23 January 2018 | Philipp Rode, LSE Cities


  • The Paris Climate Change Agreement and The GCC
    25 April 2017 | Aisha Al-Sarihi, LSE Kuwait Programme
  • Dispelling Stereotypes: Women's Rights in the Gulf States
    22 March 2017 | Lulu al-Sabah and Hatoon al-Fassi
  • The Evolving Role of the Gulf States in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
    28 February 2017 | Suliman Al-Atiqi
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Young Female Entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia
    7 February 2017 | Sara Alshareef
  • The Merchant Elite and Parliamentary Politics in Kuwait
    17 January 2017 | Anastasia Nosova, LSE
  • The Effects of Saudi-Iranian Rivalry on the Regional Security Complex
    29 November 2016 | Matteo Legrenzi
  • Oil and the Transformation of Urban Life in Kuwait
    3 November 2016 | Farah Al-Nakib, American University of Kuwait
  • Politics in Modern Arab Art
    18 October 2016 | Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi
  • Cities and the New Climate Economy: On the Role of Urban Form and Transport
    27 September 2016 | Philipp Rode, LSE Cities
  • Politics After Islamism: The Changing Rhetoric of Conservatism in the Gulf
    22 September 2016 | Ahmed Dailami