Academic Collaboration with Arab Universities Programme

Projects Commencing in 2021/22


Urbanity in the Time of Pandemic: a Study of Infrastructures of Care in Palestine during the C-19 Crisis

Principal Investigators
Dr Haneen Naamneh and Dr Suzanne Hall, LSE
Dr Abaher Al-Sakka, Birzeit University


The Kurdistan Region of Iraq Post-ISIS: Youth, Art and Gender

Principal Investigators
Dr Isabel Käser, LSE
Dr Bayar M. Sevdeen, University of Kurdistan Hewlêr and Houzan Mahmoud, Culture Project


Consociationalism and Civil Resistance in Lebanon

Principal Investigators
Dr Jinan Al-Habbal, LSE
Dr Carmen Geha, American University of Beirut


Researching Quality of Employment in the Middle East

Principal Investigators

Professor Kirsten Sehnbruch, LSE
Dr Dr Azhar Hussein, University of Sharjah
Dr Samer Atallah, American University in Cairo


Arab News Futures

Principal Investigators
Dr Omar Al-Ghazzi, LSE
Dr Abeer Al-Najjar, American University of Sharjah