LSE Academic Collaboration with Arab Universities Programme

supported by the Emirates Foundation

Through agreement with the Emirates Foundation, the MEC established a funding programme in 2010 to support academic collaboration and knowledge transfer between LSE and Arab universities. The projects involve collaborative research or academic capacity building. The programme supports a minimum of four collaborative projects per year over ten years. At least two awards per year are made to projects involving collaborations with UAE universities.

Aims of the Programme

  • To strengthen academic collaboration and knowledge transfer between LSE and Arab universities;
  • To promote high calibre research by scholars at LSE and Arab universities;
  • To support academic excellence at Arab universities.

Ongoing Projects

In collaboration with Birzeit University

Urbanity in the Time of Pandemic: A Study of Infrastructures of Care in Palestine during the C-19 Crisis

Principal Investigators
Dr Haneen Naamneh, LSE, Dr Suzi Hall, LSE
Dr Abaher El-Sakka, Birzeit University

In collaboration with American University of Beirut

Consociationalism and Civil Resistance in Lebanon

Principal Investigators
Dr Jinan Al-Habbal, LSE
Dr Carmen Geha, American University of Beirut


In collaboration with University of Sharjah and American University in Cairo

Researching the Quality of Employment in the Middle East

Principal Investigators
Professor Kirsten Sehnbruch, LSE, Dr Azhar Hussein, University of Sharjah and Dr Samer Atallah, American University in Cairo

In collaboration with American University of Sharjah

Arab News Futures

Principal Investigators
Dr Omar Al-Ghazzi, LSE
Dr Abeer Al-Najjar, American University of Sharjah

susana mourato-500x707
In collaboration with Canadian University Dubai 

Incentivising Acceptability of Climate Change Mitigation Measures in the GCC

Principal Investigators
Dr Susana Mourato, LSE
Dr Davide Contu, CUD and Dr Ganga Shreedhar, LSE

In collaboration with the American University in Cairo

Can Social Protection Empower Women? Patriarchy, Economic Agency and Redistribution Policies in Egypt

Principal Investigators
Dr Naila Kabeer, LSE
Dr Hania Sholkamy, AUC 

In collaboration with NYU Abu Dhabi and UAE University

Global Identity in an Uncertain World: A Study of Social Attitudes at an International UAE University

Principal Investigators
Dr Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington, LSE, Dr PJ Henry, NYU Abu Dhabi; Dr Tatiana Karabchuk, UAEU

In collaboration with Mohammad Bin Rashid School of Government & the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research

Palestinian Attitude Change in Response to Conflict in the Palestinian Territories

Principal Investigators
Dr Ben Groom, LSE, Dr Guy Burton, MBRSG and Dr Elisa Cavatorta, KCL

Past Projects

Read about our past collaboration projects, as well as other past MEC projects.

For more information about the Programme, please contact Kendall Livingston, Projects Manager, at