Academic Collaboration with Arab Universities Programme

Projects Commencing in 2019/20


Can Social Protection Empower Women? Patriarchy, Economic Agency and Redistribution Policies in Egypt

Principal Investigators
Dr Naila Kabeer, LSE
Dr Hania Sholkamy, AUC


Export Composition and Economic Growth in the UAE

Principal Investigators
Dr Athanasia Kalaitzi, LSE
Dr Samer Kherfi, AUS


Neoliberal Visions: Exploring Gendered Adverts and Identities in the Palestinian West Bank

Principal Investigators
Dr Polly Withers, LSE
Dr Rema Hammami, Birzeit University


Global Identity in an Uncertain World: A Study of Social Attitudes at an International UAE University

Principal Investigators
Dr Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington, LSE
Dr PJ Henry, NYU Abu Dhabi
Dr Christian Haerpfer, UAEU