Kuwait Programme Papers


Sustainability, Natural Capital and Climate Change 500x733

Sustainability, Natural Capital and Climate Change in Kuwait

Giles Atkinson and Ayele Gelan, July 2021

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Women's Electoral Particiaption in Kuwait 500x733

Women's Electoral Participation in Kuwait

Zeynep N. Kaya, June 2021

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Beach Clean Ups 500x733

Beach Clean-Ups and Other Civic Engagement for the Protection of the Environment in Kuwait

Nele Lenze, April 2021

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Breaking Out of the Innovation Trap new 500x733

Breaking Out of the Innovation Trap? Towards Promoting Private R&D Investment in Kuwait

Husam Arman, Simona Iammarino, J. Eduardo Ibarra-Olivo and Neil Lee, March 2021

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Reclaiming Public Space 500x733 png

Reclaiming Public Space in Kuwait's Residential Neighbourhoods: An Applied Policy-Oriented Approach

Alexandra Gomes, Asseel Al-Ragam & Sharifa Alshalfan, March 2021

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Uncovering Progress of Health Information 500x733 new

Uncovering Progress of Health Information Management Practices: Evidence from Kuwait's Public Healthcare System

Dari Alhuwail, January 2021

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Determinants of Diabetes in Kuwait: Evidence from the World Health Survey

Zlatko Nikoloski, August 2020

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Reforming Wealth Distribution in Kuwait: Estimating Costs and Impacts

Steffen Hertog, July 2020

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Utilising Applied Behavioural Research to Execute Subsidy Reform in Kuwait 

Hessah Al-Ojayan, February 2020

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Building the New Kuwait: Vision 2035 and the Challenge of Diversification 

Sophie Olver-Ellis, January 2020

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The Role of Doctors in Kuwait’s Healthcare Costs

Yousef Abdulsalam, December 2019

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Characterising the Water–Energy–Food Nexus in Kuwait and the Gulf Region

Christian Siderius, Declan Conway, Mohamed Yassine, Lisa Murken & Pierre-Louis Lostis, December 2019

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How Do Sovereign Wealth Funds Pay their Portfolio Companies’ Executives? Evidence from Kuwait

Bader S. Alhashel & Sulaiman H. Albader, June 2018

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Regulation of Healthcare Advertisements: Comparing Media Regulation of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Kuwait and the GCC

Mariam Alkazemi, April 2018

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Urbanisation and Physical Activity in the GCC: A Case Study of Oman

Ruth Mabry, February 2018

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Prospects for Climate Change Integration into the GCC Economic Diversification Strategies

Aisha Al-Sarihi, February 2018

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Show us the Money: Oil Revenues, Undisclosed Allocations and Accountability in Budgets of the GCC States

Omar AlShehabi, September 2017

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Ontology and Methodology cover

Ontology and Methodology in the Study of the Resource Curse

Michael Herb, June 2017

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A Quest for Significance: Gulf Oil Monarchies' International 'Soft Power' Strategies and their Local Urban Dimensions

Steffen Hertog, March 2017

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Treating the Oil Addiction in Kuwait: Proposals for Economic Reform

Hessah Al-Ojayan, September 2016

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Rent Distribution, Labour Markets and Development in High Rent Countries

Steffen Hertog, August 2016

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The Origins of Kuwait’s National Assembly

Michael Herb, March 2016

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Markets Serving States: The Institutional Bases of Financial Governance in the Gulf Cooperation Council States

Karen Young, September 2015

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