T3 Commission people

 The T3 Commission is run by the LSE Media Policy Project team


Professor Sonia Livingstone

Professor Sonia Livingstone is Chair of the Commission. Professor Livingstone's research examines how the changing conditions of mediation are reshaping everyday practices and possibilities for action. She has published twenty books on media audiences, media literacy and media regulation, with a particular focus on the opportunities and risks of digital media use in the everyday lives of children and young people.

Expertise and interests: media and everyday life; media audiences; children and digital media; media literacy; children’s rights in the digital environment; mediated participation; online risks; privacy and safety; media regulation in the public interest.

Charlie Beckett T3

Professor Charlie Beckett

Professor Charlie Beckett is the Lead Commissioner of the T3 Commission and Director of the Media Policy Project. He is a regular commentator on journalism and politics for the UK and international media, as well as the founding Director of Polis, the think-tank for research and debate in to international journalism and society in the LSE Department of Media and Communications.


Emma Goodman 

Policy Officer, Media Policy Project and the LSE Commission on Truth, Trust & Technology

Expertise and interests: media policy; fake news; e-campaigning; national and international news journalism; media and development


Ros Taylor

Research Manager, Media Policy Project and the LSE Commission on Truth, Trust & Technology

Expertise and interests: media in democracies; Brexit; platform regulation; press regulation and diversity; political communication; scrutiny of Parliament


Julia Ziemer

Former Executive Manager, Polis

Expertise and interests: journalism; freedom of expression; strategic communications


Miriam Rahali

Editorial Assistant

Expertise and interests: Gender, media and consumer behavior