The report

Tackling the Information Crisis: A Policy Framework for Media System Resilience

This report argues that the information crisis is manifested in ‘five giant evils’ among the UK public – confusion, cynicism, fragmentation, irresponsibility and apathy.

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There is a crisis of trust in information. Technology offers unprecedented potential to support informed debate and decision-making, but the threats to reliable information and a healthy public debate are growing. 

Politicians, regulators, platforms, news media and campaigners are responding, with mixed motives and uncertain results. While most share the view that the information crisis needs addressing, each stakeholder has its own interests. 

The digital platforms, news organisations, political campaigners and civil society all need to be part of a new integrated policy arrangement. 

This report seeks to rise above the fray. It outlines the contours of the crisis and some of the evidence for the harm caused. It argues for a bold, structural approach to address what is a systemic problem of a crisis of trust in information. 


Tackling the Information Crisis Tackling the Information Crisis
An introduction by Charlie Beckett LSE Video and Audio Team