Policy contributions

Submissions to policy processes in the UK

Based on the work that went into the T3 commission process and final report, we have contributed to several UK governmental, parliamentary and institutional consultations:

  • Sonia Livingstone, Emma Goodman and Robin Mansell submitted a response to the Lords Select Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies’ call for evidence on the benefits and negative impact of digital technologies on democracy.

  • Sonia Livingstone and Emma Goodman submitted a response to the UK government’s consultation on its Online Harms White Paper, stressing the need for more high quality evidence on harms, the need for a principled response that focuses on structural rather than behavioural remedies, and the importance of a sustained media literacy initiative. Damian Tambini also submitted a response. The White Paper was published in April 2019 by DCMS and the Home Office and the consultation closed on July 1; analysis of public feedback is ongoing. 

  • Nick Anstead spoke to the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Electoral Campaigning Transparency in June 2019. The APPG was formed in response to questions about the effectiveness of electoral regulation in the UK, especially relating to social media advertising. The committee is chaired by Labour MP Stephen Kinnock and led by the Fairvote project. A summary and audio recording of Nick’s evidence is available here.

  • Robin Mansell and Damian Tambini submitted a response to the call for evidence from the UK Treasury’s Digital Competition Expert Panel. The Expert Panel’s report was published in March 2019.

  • Damian Tambini and Emma Goodman submitted a summary of the T3 report to the UK Parliament Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee’s inquiry into Disinformation and Fake News. The inquiry’s final report was published in February 2019

  • Our T3 report was also cited in the Cairncross Review’s report on ‘A sustainable future for journalism’, published in February 2019, and the final report of the Lords Communications Committee’s inquiry into The Internet: to regulate or not to regulate? published in March 2019.  Sonia Livingstone (19 June 2018) and Damian Tambini (1 May 2018) both gave oral evidence to the latter inquiry.

  • Damian Tambini (with Martin Moore) submitted evidence in December 2018 based on the report to the ICO Call for Views on the Code of Practice for the use of personal information in political campaigns. 

  • Damian Tambini gave oral evidence to House of Commons Home Affairs Committee’s inquiry into Hate crime and its violent consequences, 6 February 2018.