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Latvia was not involved in EU Kids Online 2020. However, a recent Latvian study was conducted in 2013. This means that results are not directly comparable with the EU Kids survey, done in 2010.

The Latvian study was conducted in 2013 so results are not directly comparable with the EU Kids survey, done in 2010. In Latvia, 78% of children use the internet everyday or almost everyday. They are also starting to make use of it by the age of 8, earlier than the previous recorded European average of 9. Furthermore, 88% of Latvian children have their own social network profile in use. This higher and more active use of the internet also entails a higher percentage of risk (18%) when compared to the EU average of 12%. These changes over the years are not necessarily unique to Latvia.

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  • The Latvian report details changes and differences from the European averages recorded in 2010 as well as its own results. It is in itself an encouraging document and the basis for further research to be undertaken at all levels.

Report and Publications

Full Report


Brikse, Inta and Spurava, Guna (2014) Kids online - safety and risks: full findings from children survey of 9- to 16-year-olds in Latvia. Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.


Brice, L. (April 2012). Youth. Language. Media: Youth language use in social networking sites: How web environment constructs the language.

Brikse, I. (March 2012). Children and the internet. Are the problems of Europe the Latvian problems? Latvian educational forum, ‘Education in the information society: what schools can and can not upbringing of children and young people’.

Latvian team


Guna Spurava is a doctoral student at the Department of Communication studies at the University of Latvia and she is the chairman of the board for the analytic journal in Latvia „Ir". She has been in the research area for more than 14 years and her main research interests are linked with media and mass communication. 


Līva Brice is a doctoral student at the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Latvia, working as project research assistant on EU Kids Online III. Her research interests are digital communication and social media, especially social networking sites, where she is interested in self-presentation. 


There are three main organisations that pay attention to and inform children about risks on the internet:

Net-Safe Latvia Safer internet center -

The State police have a special web page devoted to children and teenagers about safety and prevention questions, including safety on the internet.

An informative page that was created as part of a project "Safety online" in cooperation with Microsoft commences with films about child safety on the internet.


Guna Spurava
Department of Media and Communications
Faculty of Social science
University of Latvia
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