A Better Brexit for Young People

Young British people feel the Government is not doing enough in its Brexit negotiations to ensure equality, social justice and shared economic prosperity both in the UK and in Britain’s relationships abroad.

These are the findings of a new report from LSE Media and Communications, the youth organisation ‘My life, My Say’ and the All Parliamentary Group on a Better Brexit for Young People, launched at the House of Commons on 18 October 2017. 

The Better Brexit for Young People report, which encompassed research from 40 focus groups, a YouGov poll of over 3,000 diverse respondents and five consultation events, found that:

  • Many young people are concerned about the negative impact of Brexit on multi-ethnic communities – this includes concerns about rising intolerance, discrimination, racism and the decline of Britain’s multicultural image.
  • Young people feel Brexit has politicised a generation. Although some feel this in an important opportunity, a significant majority feel citizens do not have enough political knowledge when it comes to the EU and that investment in political education is needed.
  • Regardless of age or the way they voted, young people want an open, equal, prosperous society where their voices are heard.

The report called on UK and EU negotiators to work with young people to ensure their visions for post-Brexit Britain are reflected in the process of leaving the European Union.

The report contained data from 40 focus groups conducted nationally by LSE, MLMS and partner youth organisations between November 2016 and October 2017.

In addition to the focus groups, YouGov conducted a survey in August 2017 of 3,288 British young and adult citizens on behalf of APPG Brexit to gauge cross-generational perspectives on the issues raised through the research.

British young people, drawn from a diverse range of economic, social and geographical backgrounds, overwhelmingly spoke of a vision of a more equal and globally inclusive United Kingdom.