The JournalismAI Report

New powers, new responsibilities. A global survey of journalism and artificial intelligence

Truly groundbreaking stuff in this report. With positive and pro-active thinking, it shows why AI is more than a business imperative for newsrooms. If done right, it's a pathway to deeper bonds between journalist and citizen.

Mark Little, Kinzen


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a significant part of journalism already but it is unevenly distributed. AI is giving journalists more power, but with that comes editorial and ethical responsibilities.

The future impact of AI is uncertain but it has the potential for wide-ranging and profound influence on how journalism is made and consumed. AI can free up journalists to work on creating better journalism at a time when the news industry is fighting for economic sustainability and for public trust and relevance. It can also help the public cope with a world of news overload and misinformation and to connect them in a convenient way to credible content that is relevant, useful and stimulating for their lives.

JournalismAI video JournalismAI video
An introduction to the JournalismAI report – LSE Film & Audio

This report is based on a survey of 71 news organisations in 32 different countries regarding artificial intelligence and associated technologies. A wide range of journalists working with AI answered questions about their understanding of AI, how it was used in their newsrooms, and their views on the wider potential and risks for the news industry.

This report is not a manual for implementation, but rather an introduction to and discussion of journalism and AI. We hope it will help newsrooms make decisions around strategy, and think proactively about the ethical and editorial challenges, as well as the potential implications of adopting these new technologies.

What people say about the JournalismAI report

  ❝ A very important read: the new Polis survey on journalism and artificial intelligence highlights how smart machines are transforming the news industry and helping newsrooms find economic sustainability. Fantastic work. 

Francesco Marconi, Author of "Newsmakers: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Journalism"

  ❝ If you think about using AI for your newsroom, the JournalismAI report is a helpful overview over strategies, first movers and issues using machine learning and automation for news. It will be an immensely helpful read to a lot of newsrooms. 

Ulrike Köppen, Head of the AI+Automation Lab at Bayerischer Rundfunk

  ❝ Lots to digest across so many areas: from editorial and ethics to business strategy and consumer interest. I would encourage all those interested to read the report. It’s an outstanding survey that’s full of information. But it poses tough questions to the industry that don’t have easy answers. 

Michael Migliore, Media Business Strategist, formerly with News UK

  ❝ Such a thought-provoking read for anyone involved in reporting the news, newsroom management, technical or editorial innovation. 

Zöe Murphy, BBC Voice + AI

  ❝ If you've been wondering what AI can do for news, the answers are in this report. Been waiting for this. 

Zuzanna Ziomecka, Media Expert, Mentor & Coach


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