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JournalismAI Connect

A community to foster collaboration around AI and journalism

Join journalists, technologists and media business leaders around the world who are  interested in sharing and advancing their knowledge of AI in Journalism. 

A space to exchange ideas, ask for help, share achievements, and support each other as we make sense of, and use, AI in journalism.

AI in journalism is here. Now. We all deserve a seat at the table when it comes to advocating for its responsible use. 

We believe that the future of its development will rely on the quality of the exchange and the contributions made by all those involved in creating quality journalism. 

That’s why we invite all to take part in this collaborative process. JournalismAI commits to providing a safe space  for debate and to redefine what AI means for everyone in the media industry.

We welcome all members who share our vision and principles. And so, we ask all potential members to commit to follow our Code of Conduct.


What you will find in JournalismAI Connect

  • Access to a network of journalists and technologists using AI in journalism right now.

  • Dedicated channels to discuss the latest news and experiences about the subject

  • Opportunities to debate and iterate on your ideas with feedback from fellow members and to learn from their successes and failures. 

  • A global community, with Alumni from all JournalismAI programmes from more than 50 countries, who are eager to collaborate.

  • Free resources and assistance from fellow participants to launch your AI project. 

  • Special community events to help you engage with media professionals, explorers and experts working on AI.

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JournalismAI aims to empower news organisations and media practitioners to use artificial intelligence responsibly. JournalismAI Connect follows the example of other relevant communities for journalists and innovation, such as NPA, NewsNerdery and Planet Splice. We thank them all for their inspirational work.



1. Who is JournalismAI Connect for?

JournalismAI Connect is for everyone working towards advancing the responsible use of AI in newsrooms and the media industry. That means we welcome journalists, technologists, researchers and media business leaders who seek to participate in an evolving discussion about AI, and are eager to step into a collaborative journey to advance the field.


2. We do not accept vendors or any commercial activity.

In our Code of Conduct and Posting Guidelines, you can learn more about what all participants commit to while participating in our community.

3. What can I ask or talk about in the different channels?

We're here to support your journey to adopt AI in as many ways as possible, so you'll find different channels to have the conversations you care about once you're accepted. Please refer to the channels' descriptions to understand what you should share in each of them, and always keep our Code of Conduct in mind.


4. How do I join JournalismAI Connect?

Please apply through this form in order to be considered a member of the JournalismAI Connect community.

5. I have applied, and I still have not received the invite link? What should I do? 

We assess applications manually and on a weekly basis. We commit to respond in less than ten business days, but this also depends on the volume of applications received. If we overpass this time, please message ana@journalismai.info so follow up on the status of  your application.


6. Can I suggest new channels to be added?

We'd love that! If you have already surveyed the list and think a new one would add value to the community, please message ana@journalismai.info explaining why you think it needs to be there.

7. Can I see messages from over three months ago? 

We're on a free plan, meaning messages sent over three months ago are not visible. However, we work hard to keep the most interesting information shared in the bookmarked Google Docs you'll find in each channel.

8. Can I invite other colleagues to take part in JournalismAI Connect?

Sure! We run a simple application process to ensure our community's health. Share this form with them so they can apply to be a part of this community.


JournalismAI Connect is led by the JournalismAI team at Polis – the journalism think-tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science – and it's supported by the Google News Initiative.