Dr Rahoul Masrani

Dr Rahoul Masrani

Visiting Fellow and Guest Teacher

Department of Media and Communications

About me

Dr Rahoul Masrani is visiting fellow in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE, in addition to being a guest teacher of the Department's graduate-level courses. After working in private banking following his undergraduate studies at New York University, Dr Masrani pursued his MSc studies at the LSE Department of Media and Communications and went on to complete his PhD in 2016 under the guidance of Dr Myria Georgiou and Dr Shakuntala Banaji. Dr Masrani has taught extensively on the Department’s study skills course, MCLabs, as well as providing dissertation support for MSc students and contributing to the Department’s film course, MC426 Film Theory and World Cinema. Dr Masrani currently teaches on the Department's Research Methods course and supervises MSc students as they complete their dissertations. Dr Masrani also teaches LSE undergraduate students on LSE100: The LSE Course.

During his time at LSE, Dr Masrani is working with Dr Myria Georgiou

Expertise Details

global cities; cinema; media power; identity construction; power and society; London in cinema


In his research, Dr Masrani explores the ways in which the media construct identities and contribute to a narrative on power and society. In particular, he is interested in cinematic representations and how they re-construct and maintain the symbolic power of the global city. In particular, he investigates the link between the evolution of the portrayal of the global city in cinema and the articulation of the symbolic power of the global city in other arenas, in both cinematic and non-cinematic media, as well as in the realms of politics, cultural production and economics. Critically, Dr Masrani argues that it is important to understand and acknowledge that the city’s symbolic power may be as nuanced and as contested as the city itself. This is evidenced by the ways in which global cities, London in particular, are portrayed in cinema. His current work approaches London’s evolving global identity as the Brexit process unfolds.


  • Masrani, R. (2018). Cinematic London: The media, Brexit and symbolic power. Altre Modernità(forthcoming).
  • Masrani, R. (forthcoming) The ‘Reel’ London: Symbolic power and cinema (book proposal in progress)
  • Masrani, R. (2013). The Flick Effect: The contribution of the cinematic city to narrative advertising. International Journal of Cinema 1, 57-68.