Dr Kumru Berfin Emre Cetin

Dr Kumru Berfin Emre Cetin

Newton International Fellow

Department of Media and Communications

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Dr Kumru Berfin Emre Cetin is Newton International Fellow in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE. Her Fellowship was awarded for the research project "Alevi Television and the Making of the Transnational Alevi Identity”, which runs from October 2016 to September 2018 under the supervision of Dr Myria Georgiou.

Dr Emre Cetin’s research explore Alevi television within a transnational context and the role it plays in defining the Alevi identity and building a public sphere engaging Alevis in different local and national contexts. Focusing on Alevi channels such as Cem TV, Yol TV and TV10, the project explores the ways in which Alevi viewers are engaged with the politics of identity in different countries and localities with reference to Alevi television. The research also examines how the media professionals who work for the various channels contribute towards the construction of a transnational public sphere through television. Drawing on in-depth interviews with viewers and channel workers and the analysis of particular programmes, the research detail the extent to which, and how, transnational Alevi identity is constructed through television.

In addition to her Newton International Fellowship, Dr Emre Cetin is a research assistant in the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema at Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Turkey.

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media sociology; cultural studies; television studies; audience research; food studies