Stephanie Rodriguez

Stephanie Rodriguez

PhD Researcher

Department of Media and Communications

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English, Filipino
Key Expertise
Digital affordances, Political participation, Civic engagement

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Filipino American Youth Civic Becoming and Instagram Stories

Research Topic

Stephanie's research will focus on the role existing in highly visually immersive media influences a civic becoming, or in other words, how engaging in these environments foster certain meaning making practices, or might yield self-revelatory moments and what this might mean for developing a commitment to a common good. This project will draw on literature surrounding the 'public sphere', and digital affordances. Qualitative methods (e.g., semi-structured interview, digital ethnography) will be primarily employed to delve into the experience, feelings, and motivations of second-generation Filipino Americans on these media.


Stephanie Rodriguez (she/her) is a Data, Networks and Society PhD researcher exploring the role engaging on highly visually media play in the civic becoming of second-generation Filipino Americans. Having started her career as a technology consultant, her shift into research has focused on the sociotechnical across media and communications, political theory, social psychology, and data science. As a continuing research assistant with Professor Daniel Effron at London Business School, she supports social psychology research on moral deliberation and the sharing of fake news. As an advisor to Institute for Security and Technology's Digital Cognition and Democracy Initiative she published a series of reports on the relationship between digital engagement and core cognitive processes. She is passionate about the prosocial design of digital public spaces and explores it from a variety of disciplinary vantages. She holds a BS in Managerial Economics and BA in Political Science from University of California, Davis, a MSc in Analytics from London Business School, and a MRes in Media and Communications from Goldsmiths, University of London. She is currently serving as Fellow for New_Public, a non-profit which facilitates research and builds design patterns and practices for healthy digital public spaces in conjunction with community leaders.


Dr Nick Anstead and Professor Sonia Livingstone

Expertise Details

Digital affordances; Political participation; Civic engagement