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Creating impact together.

Our aim is to bring new perspectives to an underexposed field of research and knowledge.

The Marshall Institute will bring together the principal actors in private action for public benefit to share information, data, projects, and practice. We provide a platform for exchange between the key actors in the field, be they investors, foundations, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, or government agencies.

Upcoming Events


6 March, 2pm 

The Changing Policy Landscape for Social Entrepreneurship 

Part of the Marshall Institute Futures Series #MIFutures 

Dr Chantal Line Carpentier and Stephan Chambers 

The UN Conference on Trade and Development's Chantal Line Carpentier joins Stephan Chambers to discuss recent changes in policy and the implications for the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). In the discussion they will explore the policy documents, laws, and regulations that have been introduced, the value that they bring to the sector, and the change that we should see in the short to long term as a result.

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Past Events                                                                 


14 February, 3pm 

Executive MSc Social Business and Entrepreneurship (EMSBE) Information Session

Join us for our Executive MSc Social Business and Entrepreneurship (EMSBE) Information Session.

Discover what life is like as an Executive LSE student and why the EMSBE programme is ground-breaking for current and aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs.

During the event, Programme Director, Professor Stephan Chambers will give a programme overview and discuss why EMSBE is a compelling alternative to an MBA and why social purpose is now central to debates about business, markets and the firm.

You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have during the Q&A session.

3 February 2023

Social Entrepreneurship post-Davos 2023 

Part of the Marshall Institute Futures Series #MIFutures

Dr François Bonnici and Stephan Chambers

Schwab Foundation Director Dr François Bonnici joins LSE Marshall Institute's Stephan Chambers to discuss his predictions of how the field of social entrepreneurship will develop in 2023. Following on from January’s Davos meeting, this webinar is an opportunity to explore the impact of decisions taken at the global summit. Is the “Decade of Action” at risk of becoming the “Decade of Uncertainty?” How will global social entrepreneurship policy decisions affect the field? And how can those in the sector best respond?

24 January 2023

Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy in Africa: Reflections & Predictions 

Part of the Marshall Institute Futures Series #MIFutures

Dr James Mwangi and Stephan Chambers 

Dalberg's James Mwangi joins LSE Marshall Institute’s Stephan Chambers to talk philanthropy and social entrepreneurship in Africa. Where should African philanthropists focus their attention in 2023 and why? Who is doing what, well? And what can we expect as the African Union develops its social entrepreneurship strategy?

The online discussion covered highlights of 2022 and outlined expectations for 2023, with a specific focus on philanthropy and social entrepreneurship in the African context.


13 December 2022

Impact Investing & Innovative Finance: Reflections & Predictions for 2023

Part of the Marshall Institute Futures Series #MIFutures

Aunnie Patton Power and Professor Stephan Chambers

Join LSE Marshall Institute’s Stephan Chambers for an end of year wrap of the impact investing and innovative finance field, with LSE Visiting Fellow Aunnie Patton Power. Aunnie will be sharing her thoughts on the highs and lows of 2022, and her predictions for 2023. What can we expect in impact investing over the next 12 months: is the VC slowdown really evidence that the "market" is not always right and we need to continue to develop our own ways of thinking (and doing) impact finance? Will we see ripples – or waves - from the crypto implosion? What innovations are shaping the field?

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12th May 2022

Connect the Dots: the art and science of creating good luck

Dr Christian Busch, Michael Fraccaro, Lord Hastings, Riya Parabi, Sylvana Q Sinha

How can we set ourselves (and others) up for success and “smart luck” in a world full of uncertainty? How can we create a career that combines money and meaning—even today, when we cannot know which jobs will still exist tomorrow? Three exceptional leaders will discuss how they got where they are, how they engineered serendipity (“smart luck”) in their lives, and what we can all learn from it. This event marks the LSE launch of the international paperback version of Christian Busch’s book Connect the Dots: The Art & Science of Creating Good Luck.

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27th October 2021

The Role of Philanthropy in a New Social Contract

Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Shaline Gnanalingam, Professor Hyun Bang Shin, Baroness Minouche Shafik, Professor Stephan Chambers

28th September 2021 

The Social Instinct 

Professor Nichola Raihani, Professor Stephan Chambers

15th June 2021

The Privatized State and Government Outsourcing of Public Powers

Dr Chiara Cordelli, Dr Kate Vredenburgh

26th April 2021

Irrationality - A History of the Dark Side of Reason

Professor Justin E.H. Smith, Professor Richard Bradley, Professor Sir Julian Le Grand

22nd Feb 2021

Philanthropy - from Aristotle to Zuckerberg

Paul Vallely, Professor Rob Reich, Fran Perrin and Professor Stephan Chambers

3rd Feb 2021

The Epic Potential of Empowering Women

Professor Linda Scott and Professor Stephan Chambers 


2nd Dec 2020

10½ Lessons from Experience

 Dame Minouche Shafik and Sir Paul Marshall

29th Sep 2020:

Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire

Professor Rebecca Henderson and Professor Nava Ashraf

10th Sep 2020:

The Serendipity Mindset: the art and science of creating good luck

Dr Christian Busch and Prof Connson Locke

6th July 2020:

Impact: reshaping capitalism to drive real change

Sir Ronald Cohen and Prof Nava Ashraf

18th May 2020: 
Move fast and fix things: what the pandemic should teach us about entrepreneruship for the public good

Prof Stephan Chambers and Dr Jonathan Roberts

10th March 2020: 
Under the Influence: putting peer pressure to work

Professor Robert H Frank & Professor Sir Julian Le Grand

2nd March 2020:
Power, Philanthropy and Inequality 

 Dr Luna Glucksburg, Sonia Medina & Stephan Chambers

Part of the LSE Festival 2020: Shape the World 


Social Integration and Inequality in London

Afua Hirsch, Sadiq Khan & Stephan Chambers

ESELA Annual Conference 

The conference convened lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs and academics for an in-depth look at the role of law and lawyers in the impact revolution. 

Faith & Philanthropy: Is religion a force for good? 

Revd Canon Dr James Walters, Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand & Iqbal Nasim


How relationships change the world, and where to go with what we know

David Robinson, Hilary Cottam, Jon Cruddas and Stephan Chambers

A Better World is Possible – the Gatsby Charitable Foundation and Social Progress

Lord Sainsbury and Stephan Chambers 

Beveridge and Voluntary Action for the 21st Century

Dr Jonathan Roberts, Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett and Kawsar Zaman 

The Five Giants and the Ministers who Made a Difference

Sir Julian Le Grand and Nicholas Timmins

Just Giving: Why Philanthropy is failing democracy and how it can do better

Stephan Chambers and Rob Reich

The V-Day Movement

Stephan Chambers & Eve Ensler

A Social Entrepreneur’s Story: The future of resilient identity

Stephan Chambers & Tey Al Rjula

Film Screening of 'Bending the Arc'

Stephan Chambers & Cori Stern

The Nature of Business - what can natural systems teach us about creating a healthy economy?

Stephan Chambers & Tom Rippin


In Conversation with Michael Sandel: Capitalism, Democracy, and the Public Good

Professor Michael Sandel and Tim Besley


The Kitchen Cabinet  

The Kitchen Cabinets are informal roundtable discussions. We invite a group of stakeholders and experts to debate a pressing topic in confidence and to propose follow-up actions.

2020 Topics


Convened in collaboration with  

Media Philanthropy in the UK  

Macroscope London 

Green Impact  

Grantham Institute / Impact Investing Insitute

2019 Topics


Convened in collaboration with  

The future regulation of charities in the UK 

The Charity Commision  

What can others learn from the success of Educate Girls?

Educate Girls 

Charities – Size and Scale, Does it Matter? 

Lloyds Foundation 

What are the Hidden Tribes within UK society as we approach the 2020s? 

More in Common 

The Role of Philanthropy in Climate Change 

The Climate Leadership Initiative  

What are foundations for? Are they trusted, how can they be accountable, and how can they defend themselves? 

Wellcome Trust 

Trust in charities 

The Charity Commision 

2018 Topics


Convened in collaboration with  

Early Year’s Education  


Voluntary Action – A Way Forward?  

National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NVCO) 

Radical Help 

Hilary Cottam, Author and Social Entrepreneur  

Health Volunteers – Do Gooders or Mission Critical?  

Pro Bono Economics, Bank of England 

The Right to Human Rights Education 

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights  

Data for the Public Good  

360 Giving