China Graduations

LSE has held graduation ceremonies in China since 2010. Students who have completed a degree programme at LSE are eligible to attend these presentation ceremonies. Registration in advance is required with LSE Ceremonies. Past events can be viewed below. Details on future ceremonies in Beijing will appear online when they are available. 

Graduate smiles over her shoulder
LSE in East Asia holds annual graduation ceremonies in Beijing

2016 & 2017

LSE faculty from Departments of Economics, Geography & Environment, International Relations, Statistics, Management, Finance and Social Policy joined with graduands and their family members to celebrate becoming LSE alumni.


Prof. Paul Kelly, LSE Pro-Director for Teaching and Learning, welcomed graduands and their families for the 6th LSE China Graduation ceremony, held in Beijing on 18 August 2015. LSE faculty present included:

  • Prof. Mick Cox, (LSE IDEAS and International Relations)
  • Prof. Danny Quah (LSE Economics and International Development)
  • Dr. Fei Qin, (LSE Management)
  • Dr. Meng Bingchun (LSE Media and Communications)
  • Dr. Mayling Birney (LSE International Development)
  • Dr. Timothy Hildebrandt (LSE Social Policy)
  • Dr. Xu Moqi (LSE Finance)
  • Dr. Hyun Shin (LSE Geography and Environment)

LSE Alumna, Ms. Wang Weikang (LSE, 2005) delivered the alumni address. 

2013 & 2014

LSE Pro-Director (Vice President) for Teaching and Learning at LSE, Prof. Paul Kelly, hosted the graduation ceremonies in Beijing in 2013 and 2014, along with LSE faculty from the departments of international relations, management, international development, economics, finance, media and communications, geography & environment, and international history. Dr. Dong Ming (LSE, 1987 and 1991) and Mr. Zhao Chenning (LSE, 1997) delivered the alumni address to the new LSE graduates in 2013 and 2014, respectively. 


The 2012 LSE China Graduation Ceremony was held at the Hilton Hotel on 9 August, hosted by LSE Pro-Director, Prof. Stuart Corbridge, and attended by LSE faculty:

  • Prof. Danny Quah (economics)
  • Prof. Mick Cox (international relations)
  • Prof. Colin Lewis (economic history)
  • Dr. Kent Deng (economic history)
  • Dr. Jeff Chwieroth (international relations)
  • Dr. Meng Bingchun (media and communications)

LSE alumni, Prof. Li Qiang, Assistant President at Peking University also attened and addressed the audience. Photo highlights below.


After the success of the initial graduation, a second ceremony was held In Beijing in August 2011. LSE Pro-Director, Prof. Stuart Corbidge, hosted the event, together with LSE faculty from the departments of economics, media and communications, international relations, international development, and management. Over 75 LSE graduands attended with their family and friends. Photo highlights from 2011 are below.


In March 2010 LSE held its first graduation ceremony outiside of London. The ceremony was held in Beijing during the LSE Asia Forum. Over 50 recent graduates participated in the event, with family and friends. The LSE Director and LSE faculty hosted the event.