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Jobs and Opportunities in East Asia

Have you graduated less than five years ago and are looking for a job or want a career change? You can still use LSE Careers services for advice and to search for jobs and opportunities.

Wherever you are in East Asia, or the world, you can use LSE CareerHub to search for jobs and opportunities or book a Skype appointment with one of our careers consultants.

Please visit our page for alumni who have graduated less than five years ago for more detailed information on all services available to you and how to access them.

Jobs from CareerHub

  • China - Search all our opportunities on CareerHub.
  • Hong Kong - Search all our opportunities on CareerHub.
  • Japan - Search all our opportunities on CareerHub.
  • Indonesia - Search all our opportunities on CareerHub.
  • Malaysia - Search all our opportunities on CareerHub.
  • Singapore - Search all our opportunities on CareerHub.
  • South Korea - Search all our opportunities on CareerHub.
  • Taiwan - Search all our opportunities on CareerHub.
  • Thailand - Search all our opportunities on CareerHub.
  • Vietnam - Search all our opportunities on CareerHub.

Careers and jobs in China

For LSE graduates in China there are useful LSE-supported activities, which should assist alumni in seeking a first job or looking to develop one's career further.

Careers Fairs in China (Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong)

Since 2006 LSE has organised career fairs in Beijing and Hong Kong, with the addition of Shanghai in 2007. The careers fairs are usually held in late August/early September each year. Around 30-35 major global companies participate in the fairs, with the addition of several leading Chinese companies in more recent years.

The fairs are open to all LSE alumni, and soon-to-graduate LSE students, usually with 0-2 years of work experience. The careers fairs in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are invitation ONLY events. All interested LSE students and alumni need to submit their CV and request permission to attend. All companies participating receive a booklet of CVs in advance of the fairs.

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