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Complexity of Growth: The Challenges of Change for China/ 增长的复杂性:中国如何应对变化带来的挑战

Complexity of Growth: The Challenges of Change for China/  增长的复杂性:中国如何应对变化带来的挑战

The 9th annual LSE China Conference will be held in Beijing on the evening of 13 August 2019.

International politics, trade and diplomacy has changed dramatically over the past 18 months. China is operating in a very different and challenging world. The volatile nature of current international relations makes it difficult to anticipate, with much confidence, future developments. However, China's domestic growth, reform and development continues. This evening's conference takes a look at economic development and business challenges and opportunity for China's society from a diverse range of perspectives. Speakers will look at economic history, e-finance, social credits, and China's grand strategy on global economic engagement. The eclectic mix of speakers and their themes reflexts the complexity of China's next stage of growth and change 

Programme details on Complexity of Growth; The Challenges of Change for China 


在过去的18个月里,国际政治,贸易和外交发生了巨大的变化。 中国运行于一个截然不同且充满挑战的世界中。 当前国际关系的不稳定性让人难以充满信心地预测未来的发展。 但是,中国的国内增长,改革和发展依然在继续。 今晚的会议将从多元的角度审视中国社会的经济发展, 商业挑战和机遇。 不同演讲者们将探讨经济史,电子金融,社会信用以及中国参与全球经济的宏伟战略。 如此不拘一格的主题恰好反映出中国下一阶段增长和变化的复杂程度。

会议日程详情- 增长的复杂性:中国如何应对变化带来的挑战

How to Attend?


The conference is an invitation only event. There will be simultaneous translation during the conference. 只有被邀请者才能参加此次会议. 整个会议都会安排中英及英中的同声传译。

Registration is required in advance for all interested in participating. Please note registration is through Eventbrite.

The conference is by invitation only.