Health Systems Strengthening for Enhanced Tuberculosis Prevention and Care

Principal Investigator: Elias Mossialos
Researchers: Zlatko Nikoloski
Start Date: 25 February 2016
End Date: 31 March 2017
Region: Europe, Asia
Keywords: tuberculosis, drug-resistant tuberculosis, health systems strengthening, sustainable financing, health policy, health economics

TB-REP was funded by WHO Europe/Global Fund. Its overall goal was to improve TB and DR-TB outcomes in the targeted EECA (Eastern Europe and Central Asia) countries through a health systems strengthening approach that leads to the wide adoption of patient centered approaches for the provision of TB and DR-TB prevention, treatment, and care services.

The project was managed by the Center for Health Policies and Studies (PAS Center) together with the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe (WHO/EURO) and partners.

The main objective of LSE's component of the project was to develop sustainable financing models for TB control in the selected EECA countries.

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