Getting Research Into Policy in Public Health

Principal Investigator: Justin Parkhurst
Start Date: 01 September 2016
End Date: 31 December 2016
Regions: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe
Countries: Cambodia, Colombia, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, United Kingdom
Keywords: research evidence, health policymaking, political constestation, institutional structures, global health, health policy

The Getting Research into Policy in Public Health (GRIP-Health) programme explored the use of research evidence to inform health policymaking from a political perspective. Research was carried out in low, middle, and high income settings, exploring both the institutional arrangements shaping the operation of evidence advisory systems within specific national health policymaking contexts, as well as the politicised nature of individual health policy decision processes to reflect on the use of research evidence to inform health decision making. The programme led to the publication of an Open Access book The Politics of Evidence: From Evidence Based Policy to the Good Governance of Evidence, published with Routledge, and named one of the ‘best reads of 2016’ by The Guardian science writers. It is available for free as an e-book, pdf, or on amazon kindle, or can be purchased in hard copy. The programme also produced a range of Open Access working papers, briefs, and academic journal articles. The programme website serves as a platform of resources on many aspects of improving the use of evidence to inform policy; and contains full texts of the outputs of the programme.

This research programme was supported by a grant from the European Research Council (ERC) from 2011-2016.


The Politics of Evidence: From Evidence-Based Policy to the Good Governance of Evidence

Political and Institutional Influences on the Use of Evidence in Public Health Policy. A Systematic Review

Getting research into policy in health: The GRIP-Health project (LSE Health and Social Care blog)

GRIP-Health Brochure

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