Health Inequalities Lab

Our aim is to build the evidence base for interventions to reduce social inequalities in health over the lifecourse.

Dr Emilie Courtin, LSE Health

The Health Inequalities Lab is a research group based at LSE Health. Our team is dedicated to studying and addressing the impact of social inequalities on health outcomes and health care service use. Our approach is interdisciplinary: we bring together insights from epidemiology, biology, social policy and econometrics. Our aim is to build the evidence base for interventions to reduce social inequalities in health over the lifecourse. We are supported by a range of national and international funders, including the European Research Council (UKRI guarantee), UK Research and Innovation, US National Institute on Aging, Medical Research Council, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, Administrative Data Research UK and  the French National Research Agency. 


Our research assesses how non-medical social policies influence health, disease and health care service use over the lifecourse. We have a particular interest in the health effects of early life, education and family policies. Our research activities are currently organised around two core themes:

(1)   Integrating social and biological sciences to improve our ability to evaluate the health effects of social policies and interventions in still young and healthy populations.

(2)   Leveraging administrative data linkages and historical randomized controlled trials to evaluate the long-term effects of social policies and interventions.


Networks and Event

The Health Inequalities Lab hosts two networks:

Interdisciplinary policy evaluation workshop – The aim of this informal workshop is to familiarize early career researchers who have been trained in different disciplines with policy evaluation methods and provide them with a forum to share preliminary results and get feedback. The workshop is scheduled to launch in March 2024 and will meet at LSE on a monthly basis.

Social to biological research seminar – The aim of this research seminar is to foster interdisciplinary research on the social determinants of biological ageing. The organisation of the seminar is led by the Health Inequalities Lab but the location will rotate across partner institutions (Oxford, Imperial and UCL) to ensure interdisciplinarity and a broad participation. The seminar was launched at LSE in September 2023, with a second seminar hosted at Oxford. 



If you are interested in hearing more about the Lab, please get in touch with us via our mailbox: health.hil@lse.ac.uk


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LSE Health, Cowdray House, London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE

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