Health Economics

We conduct rigorous, systematic examinations of the problems faced in promoting health for all

Professor Alistair McGuire

The department is internationally recognised for its health economics research, insights, and influence. Research involves economic analyses at a health systems level: employing a range of methodologies to measure and understand what drives performance in health systems, and what underpins their costs and expenditure. In more delimited research, we analyse also how healthcare payers and providers can make the best use of the resources available to them: reviewing the cost effectiveness of specific courses of treatment, clinical approaches, and public health interventions – enhancing our insights through research partnerships with leading clinical institutions around the globe. Our research also examines the numerous behavioural economic features of healthcare delivery and experience: how patients relate to their own health, their services and clinicians; and the incentives for financing and delivery of healthcare, for clinicians, institutions and systems.


Selected research expertise: 

Health economics research at LSE is both theoretical and applied. Our aim is to maintain methodological advances while applying high quality research to specific areas:

  • Analysing and understanding the drivers of health systems performance and productivity
  • Cost-effectiveness of clinical treatments and public health interventions
  • Behavioural economic research as applied to healthcare
  • Using our research to impact on policy and healthcare practice 


Our current Health Economics research projects:


Building the Case for Investment in Health Science Research in Africa

DIAGMAL: Evaluation of an innovative simple molecular test for the diagnosis of malaria in differentendemic and health settings in sub-Sahara Africa 

ICCONIC: International Collaboration for Costs, Outcomes and Needs in Care (Phase Two)

Impact of workforce turnover and temporary staff on productivity and health outcomes in the hospital sector

NHS Reform, Economic Incentives, and Provider Performance


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