Eurohealth Guidelines for Authors

What to include when submitting an article.

Article - Word count              
Article – 2,000 words (longer articles by arrangement)

Title - please include a title with the article

Subheads - include sub-headings where appropriate, to make the article more readable            

Abstract/Summary - provide a summary of up to 100 words for all articles (other than snapshots)            

Key words - submit up to 5 key words to accompany your article

References - Include a maximum of 10 references. Ensure that all references include relevant details. Incomplete references cannot be included.

Sample references:

Journal articles:              
Lavis JN, Posada FB, Haines A, Osei E. Use of research to inform public policymaking. Lancet 2004;364:1615-1621.            

Pawson R, Tilley N. Realistic evaluation. London: Sage, 1997.            

Online documents:              
OECD. The OECD Health Project: Health technologies and decision making. Paris: OECD, 2005. Available at:

*If there are more than six authors, please list the first three followed by "et al."            

Jargon - Explain all specialist terminology. Not all readers be familiar with the acronyms of organisations - please spell them out or add a line describing their function.

Language - Use United Kingdom English. Provide Euro currency conversions when other currencies are used.

Format - email the article as a Word file to the editors David McDaid and Sherry Merkur

- send details of full name, position and organisation (including city, country) for the list of contributors

Contact details of author - Send an email address to be published on the article so that readers can make contact. Also, include a postal address for copies of the issue to be sent when it is published.

Contact editors
Email: David McDaid and Sherry Merkur               
: Eurohealth, LSE Health, London School of Economics and Political Science Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE, United Kingdom             

If accepted, the article will be edited and titles may be modified. A final proof will be sent to you for your approval or amendment before publication. 

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