Dr Jannis Stöckel

Dr Jannis Stöckel

Research Officer

LSE Health

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COW G.08
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English, German
Key Expertise
Health Economics; Public Policy; Quantitative Methods

About me

Dr Jannis Stöckel is a Research Officer at LSE Health working on a project funded by The Health Foundation on the impact of workforce turnover on hospital productivity and patient outcomes in the NHS. He is also a member of the Ageing and Health Incentives Lab, an interdisciplinary research unit that brings together scientists from across the LSE that share an interest in the intersection between public policy, healthy ageing, and the causes of health inequalities across the life course.

His research relies on the analysis of large-scale administrative and survey data using quantitative methods aimed at identifying causal relationships that help inform health policy practice. While Jannis’ current work at LSE Health focuses on a provider-level perspective on the efficiency and production of healthcare he previously worked on topics around the individual- and household-level consequences of health shocks. During his PhD he explored the persistence of well-being losses following health shocks, how broader well-being measures can be used to inform priority setting in the healthcare sector by quantifying well-being losses, and spillover effects of informal caregiving on the health of family caregivers’ themselves. His most recent research on his last dissertation chapter continues to explore spillover effects more broadly by considering the causal impact of health shocks on the health perceptions and health behaviours of patients and their family members. He has published in (health) economics journals such as Health Economics or The Journal of the Economics of Ageing as well as interdisciplinary outlets such as Social Science & Medicine.

Jannis currently finishes his PhD in Health Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and holds an BSc in Economics from the University of Mannheim (2015) and an MSc in Economics (2017) and MA in European Studies (2018) both from the KU Leuven. Before joining LSE he worked as a PhD researcher at the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (2018-2022), during this time he visited the Department of Health Policy at LSE as a Visiting Research Student hosted by Professor Joan Costa-Font.


Expertise Details

Health Economics; Family Health Behaviours & Health Behaviours; Ageing; Health Inequalities