The Brian Abel-Smith & Walter Holland Funds

Promoting the strong social mission and academic excellence of Brian Abel-Smith.

The Brian Abel-Smith Memorial Fund, hosted by LSE Health, was established with the aim of promoting activities related to the work of Brian Abel-Smith. 

Brian Abel-Smith was one of the most influential academics and expert advisers of the 20th century in shaping social welfare. He was driven by a strong social mission to improve the lives of the poorest. As well as holding a Professorship in Social Administration at the LSE from 1965-1991, Brian Abel-Smith spent his life trying to improve that of others in the way he knew best - through academic excellence.

Brian Abel-Smith MSc Prizes

Awarded each year to LSE students on the MSc International Health Policy, MSc International Health Policy (Health Economics) and the MSc Health Policy Planning and Financing programmes. Three prizes are awarded for best overall performance in each programme. A further prize is awarded to the student who writes the best dissertation in the MSc International Health Policy programme (achieving a Distinction grade).

The Fund also supports two prizes in memory of former colleague and public health pioneer Walter Holland: the Walter Holland Prize for Best Dissertation and the Walter Holland Prize for Best Overall Performance are awarded annually to MSc Global Health Policy students. View previous prize winners here. 

Brian Abel-Smith Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded every two years, the award recognises individuals who during their lifetime have made a significant intellectual contribution to the field of health policy and achieved notable policy impact, benefitting population health. In line with Abel-Smith’s own approach and achievements, award criteria place equal weight on research excellence and policy impact.

Biography Series: LSE Pioneers in Social Policy

The achievements of Abel-Smith and his fellow social policy pioneers have been chronicled in an LSE biography series commissioned by the Fund – LSE Pioneers in Social Policy. Sally Sheard’s critically acclaimed biography of Abel-Smith, The Passionate Economist launched the series in 2014. John Stewart's biography of Richard Titmuss, A Commitment to Welfare, followed in June 2020. Additional volumes on Peter Townsend and David Donnison are in progress.

Brian Abel-Smith Chair and Research Fellows

The position of Brian Abel-Smith Chair, is currently held by Elias Mossialos, Professor of Health Policy in the Department of Health Policy. The fund also supports Brian Abel-Smith Visiting Research Fellows. 

 The Walter Holland Fund 

The Walter Holland Fund supports two prizes in memory of former colleague and public health pioneer Walter Holland. The Walter Holland Prize for Best Dissertation and the Walter Holland Prize for Best Overall Performance are awarded annually to MSc Global Health Policy students. 

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The Brian Abel-Smith Memorial Fund programme is a charitable objective of the LSE, which is itself an educational charity. This status enables UK donors to increase the value of their gifts by making a covenant to the Fund, or by giving a single sum under Gift Aid.
In the USA donations may be made through the Second Centennial Fund, Inc (a Section 501 (c)(3) organisation), with a recommendation as to their application.
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