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ELLM: Overview

The Executive LLM programme offers a powerful combination of information and inspiration. The teaching has been superb and the calibre of the student body is excellent.

A part-time executive degree 

The Executive LLM is for professional lawyers who have obtained at least three years post-degree work experience. Students can choose the modules they wish to study, taking up to eight modules over a period of three to four years. Upon successful completion of the programme, students obtain a full LLM degree.

Intensive module teaching

Executive LLM modules are taught in intensive week-long sessions. Each module provides roughly 25 hours of contact teaching time. Students are provided with online materials for the module in advance of the teaching, with a revision session and assessments following the teaching session. There are ordinarily four teaching sessions each year: in September, December and two in April. 

Teaching delivery

All Executive LLM modules are taught on campus, by experts from the LSE faculty. The intensive teaching sessions allow the teacher to get the best from the students and enable the students to learn both from the teacher and also from each other’s professional experience and knowledge. The teaching weeks also provides students with significant networking opportunities, as well as the chance to enjoy the many attractions in the heart of London.


Students are examined through a combination of long essays and take-home examinations. The take-home examinations will be uploaded and submitted electronically and are set two months after the completion of the intensive teaching. Video revision / question and answer sessions are offered to students between the end of the teaching session and the exam. The examination dates are listed here.  

Alternative completion options: Degrees, diplomas and certificates

The majority of Executive LLM students complete eight modules to obtain an LLM degree. There are, however, alternative exit points for students whose circumstances change or who otherwise do not wish to take eight modules. An LSE Diploma in Legal Studies is available on the completion of six modules and a Certificate of Legal Studies on the completion of four modules.


Students can commence their degree during any one of the four teaching sessions across the year. There is no requirement to wait until the beginning of the next academic year to start the programme. 


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