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Policy Briefing Papers

LSE Law Policy Briefing Papers

The aim of the series is to provide short, policy-relevant papers on issues of contemporary public interest.

The LSE Law: Policy Briefing Papers series was first published in 2014. The aim of the series is to provide short, policy-relevant papers on issues of contemporary public interest in all subject areas, from members of LSE Law School, doctoral students and visiting scholars. The target audience of the series includes not only academics but also policy-makers, the press, and the broader public. The papers are published electronically and are available online and through email distribution.


Dr Mona Paulsen  ;  Dr Richard Martin

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LSE Law Policy Briefing Papers Vol.9 2022




Vol. 8 2021

Possessable Digital Assets
Tatiana Cutts (Melbourne)

Academic Open Letter in Support of the TRIPS Intellectual Property Waiver Proposal
Hyo Yoon Kang (Kent); Aisling McMahon (National University of Ireland); Graham Dutfield (Leeds); Luke McDonagh (LSE); Siva Thambisetty (LSE)

Rebooting UK Financial Regulation for a Post-Brexit World - A Conference Summary
Anamika Ahir (LSE); Kevin R. James (LSE)

Vol. 7 2020

Vol.6 2019

Vol.5 2018

Vol.4 no.2 2017

Vol.4 no.1 2017 Brexit Special Issue

On the 29th March, Theresa May has triggered Article 50 TEU to start the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. This process is marred with uncertainty, both in terms of how the negotiations take place, and in terms of the impact of Brexit on diverse policy domains which are currently governed by the EU. In light of this topical and extremely important discussion, LSE Law is happy to announce a special issue of its Policy Briefing Series. Seven members of LSE Law – all specialists in their field – explain the process of negotiating Brexit as well as the impact of Brexit on UK constitutional law, trade relationships with the EU, financial services, competition law, privacy laws and the institutions of the EU. LSE Law wishes you happy reading.

Negotiating Brexit
Dr Floris de Witte (LSE Law)

The Constitutional Context to Triggering Article 50 TEU
Dr Jo Eric Khushal Murkens (LSE Law)

Brexit and the European Institutions
Dr Michèle Finck (LSE Law)

Trade after Brexit
Professor Damian Chalmers (LSE Law)

Competition Law and Policy after Brexit
Dr Niamh Dunne (LSE Law)

Negotiating a Financial Services Deal
Professor Niamh Moloney (LSE Law)

Brexit and the UK's Tech Industry
Dr Orla Lynskey (LSE Law)


Vol.3 no.1 2016

Vol.2 no.2 2015 Special Issue: The Investigatory Powers Bill

Vol.2 no.1 2015

Vol.1 no.1 2014