Dr Keina Yoshida

Dr Keina Yoshida

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Centre for Women, Peace and Security

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Key Expertise
Human Rights; Peace; Environment: Feminism; International Law; Nuclear

About me

Keina is an international human rights lawyer. Keina is currently a legal adviser at the Centre for Reproductive Rights in the European team. Prior to this Keina was a practising barrister at Doughty Street Chambers and a research officer at the Centre for Women Peace and Security on the AHRC and ERC projects.

As a barrister, Keina specialised in international human rights law, media law, public law, inquiries and inquests. Keina acted in a groundbreaking cases before international bodies on women´s rights, environmental rights and LGBTI rights. Keina has acted in counsel in cases before the CEDAW Committee, (Rosana Flamer Caldera v Sri Lanka 2022), European Court of Human Rights, Inter-American Court of Human Rights and in high profile domestic public law challenges.

Keina holds a PhD in international law from the LSE, and has published numerous articles in journals including the European Human Rights Law Review, International Affairs (shortlisted for early career prize 2021), and Human Rights Quarterly. Keina has taught in a number of universities including the LSE (2015), City University (2018), SOAS (2020), the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (Ghana) (2017) on international human rights law. Keina has a forthcoming book with Dr Sarah Smith, Feminist Conversations on Peace, BUP, 2022.

Selected Publications:

  • The Nature of Women, Peace and Security: A Colombian Perspective, International Affairs, 2021, Vol 97, pages 17-34, with Lina Cespedes
  • The CEDAW Committee: a global leader in tackling violence against women and girls, European Human Rights Law Review (2020) (4), 347-358, with Christine Chinkin
  • The Protection of the Environment: A Gendered Analysis, Goettingen Journal of International Law, 10 (2020) 1, 283-305.
  • The Trends and Challenges of Climate Change Litigation and Human Rights, EHRLR, Issue 2 (2020) 161-173, with Joana Setzer
  • Human Trafficking as a Gendered Phenomenon: CEDAW in perspective, Journal of Immigration, Nationality and Asylum Law, Vol32, No 1, (2018) pp. 28-49, with Gema Fernandez Rodriguez de Lievana
  • The domestic prosecution of gender crimes in Argentina, Human Rights Quarterly 39 (2017) 681–708, with Viviana Waisman and Paloma Soria
  • Privacy Injunctions in an Internet Age: PJS v News Group NewspapersLtd, European Human Rights Law Review (August 2016)
  • Towards Intersectionality in the ECHR: the case of B.S. v Spain. Feminist Legal Studies, (2013) 21: 195-204.
  • Co-author: Women’s Human Rights and Climate Change: state obligations and standards, LSE Law – Policy Briefing Paper No 43 (2020)
  • Centre for WPS, 40 Years of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (2020), Christine Chinkin and Keina Yoshida, Report

In Spanish

  • Great Eggspectations: La tecnología reproductiva y los nuevos retos para la autonomía de las mujeres (U. Nacional de Colombia, 2010). [co-author with Monica Roa]

Select Blog Pieces

  • ‘Protecting Journalists: A Gender Perspective’ (Doughty Street International Media Defence Blog 30 March 2017)
  • ‘Abortion rights on trial: a step in the right direction for NI’ (LIARC blog, 6 June 2017) with Mary Rachel McCabe
  • ‘Did the Supreme Court pass the Bechdel Test’ (The Justice Gap, 11 November 2016)
  • ‘Velásquez Paiz et al v Guatemala: Gender Stereotypes and Lack of Justice – Part I’ (OxHRH Blog, August 2016) [with Lucia Mazzuca]
  • ‘Velásquez Paiz et al v Guatemala: Femicide in Guatemala – Part II’ (OxHRH Blog, 12 August 2016) [with Lucia Mazzuca]
  • Over 15 blog posts for intlawgrrls on law and film (2012-2013)

Expertise Details

Human Rights; Peace; Environment: Feminism; International Law; Nuclear