LSE Research for the World: Dr Insa Koch and Dr Andrew Summers

26 January 2021

Insa Koch-2014Andrew Summers-2016

Two of our LSE Law colleagues, Dr Insa Koch and Dr Andrew Summers, feature in Research for the World, LSE’s new digital magazine:

Twenty-first century slavery, young victims and county lines

Drug trafficking and dealing is not a new issue, but it has only been in recent years that government policy has come to frame these issues in terms of a language of trafficking and child exploitation. Dr Insa Koch has been researching the rise of the government’s modern slavery agenda around county lines. 

How much tax do the rich really pay?

Tax has long been a contentious political issue. But with COVID-19 wreaking huge economic damage, at some point tax rises might become inevitable. While those on higher incomes might already feel they pay the most, Dr Andy Summers (LSE) and Dr Arun Advani (Visiting Fellow, International Inequalities Institute) explain how their research shows this may not always be the case.