Angela White


white, angela

Angela White, former Law Department Manager from 1974-2001, sadly passed away on 6th July 2021.  Angela worked at LSE Law for 33 years (1968-2001). A memorial will be held at LSE, details to be confirmed. If you would like to write a message of condolence, please email The messages of condolence below are from those who knew her and celebrate her life and the massive contribution she made to LSE Law. 

Amanda Tinnams writes:

"Angela was a kind and likeable person, a magnificent colleague, much loved and respected, and showed much empathy in her role as Department Manager.The photo board in A301 back in the Old Building was a legend – it told stories of many colleagues over the years (the photos are now in an album). One of her many qualities was spotting a troublemaker a mile off and she normally turned out to be right! Her commitment to the Department and LSE was impeccable - she was without a doubt the backbone of the Department for many years. She retired from LSE in 2001.  

In her private life, Angela lived her life to the full. She loved to play bridge, attend her David Lloyd centre, dance, meet her many friends and take holidays in Portugal. 

I was very lucky not only to know her as a colleague but also as a close friend.  It is heart-warming to remember how much Angela enjoyed a surprise lunch to celebrate a big birthday with her LSE friends.

Angela will be missed by so many of us. She was a truly wonderful person. 

RIP lovely Angela."


Professor Emily Jackson writes:

"Angela was a wonderful department manager, and a lovely person. She radiated warmth and had an infectious laugh, and a great sense of humour. Her surprise birthday lunch in the SDR a few years ago was a joy - full of laughter, fun and old friends. RIP. "


Dr Julian Fulbrook writes:

"So sorry to hear the news about Angela, as she seemed in such good form when the Law Department celebrated its hundredth birthday.She was indeed the absolute mainstay of the Department and it was no mean feat to deal with an array of personalities holding all the various Departmental offices. Not all were as easy-going, efficient and pleasant as Angela was! She was meticulously professional and just a tremendous support to students and staff over those years. Many people will miss her."


Sir Ross Cranston writes:

"Angela was at the heart of the Law Department for many years. Her dedication and commitment were unrivalled. If ever there was a problem the familiar refrain would be heard: “Better see/tell/ask Angela.” And resolve it she would, often with only her calming presence. Always immaculately dressed, she was a contrast with many of us with our liberal interpretation of “smart casual” - and no doubt a comforting sight for visiting professionals. At first encounter rather formidable, she quickly revealed herself as someone with a real concern for student and staff welfare. During her time with the Department it enjoyed expansion and success, on which the next generation has built. Angela was an very significant contributor to this. She deserves her central place in the history of LSE Law."


Professor Damian Chalmers writes:

"Angela is right at the front of my memories of the Department in the 1990s. It was not simply that she was larger than life, bled LSE and knew more about the Department’s past and present than anybody else. She was always available to help and was very generous in that help. On top of that, she had a fantastic sense of humour.

At that time, we lived near each other. My best memories are us chatting on the Tube at the end of the day. In the early days, I was on a fixed term contract and was not very sure of myself. On the tube she would always come over to chat. During those chats, she would always show interest in me and my life whilst  telling me about the life of the Department in a way that made me feel part of it. She was one amongst many who made me realise how lucky I was to be at LSE."


Professor Bill Cornish writes:

"I am so sorry Angela has died and do hope she did not have to suffer. She can now rest in peace."


Professor Veerle Heyvaert writes:

"Angela was the first person to welcome me at the LSE Law Department when I arrived in late 1999 and to show me the ropes – I would have been completely lost without her! She was considerate, endlessly helpful, efficient, had a memory like a steel trap and a wonderful dry sense of humour. We are all very lucky to have known her.” 


Professor Chris Greenwood writes: 

"I had the highest regard - personally and professionally for Angela.  The day I joined the staff of the LSE she was incredibly welcoming and I always found her a delight to work with.  We kept in touch for many years after she retired and I shall miss her very much."


Dr Igor Stramignoni writes:

"Angela was, quite simply, a wonderful and wonderfully sensitive person, hugely capable and tactful Departmental Manager, and truly excellent colleague. An icon for the Law Department in an age of exceptional openness, intellectual ferment, and fun."


Dr Chaloka Beyani writes:

"Angela was Departmental Manager when I joined the Department. She was not only kind and caring, she was the rock of the Department. She belonged to the Department ever since her retirement and we will remember her as an enduring member of the Department."


Sam Blakey writes:

"I was so sorry to hear the news about Angela passing. She was a wonderful manager at LSE, kind and well respected by colleagues and great fun too.  My condolences to her friends and family, RIP dear Angela."


Professor Niki Lacey writes:

"I was so sad to hear of Angela’s death.  I will never forget her warm welcome when I arrived in the Department in 1998, and I remember her office as a place of at once brisk efficiency and yet friendliness and good cheer.  Since her retirement, her visits back to the department always brightened the day.  Somehow, Angela never seemed to age – she just remained her glamourous, beautifully dressed and coiffed, self, with that ready smile and quick sense of humour.  I will miss her, and will always count myself very lucky to have worked with her. "


Joe Jacob writes:

"I’ve known Angela longer than most. When I got to the School (in 1970) she was (I think) a “Senior Clerk” – we prided ourselves on being a being just a bit weird with stage titles and odd buildings. Her boss and indeed the boss of all of us was Mrs Bruce, the Departmental Secretary. Convenors (now Heads of Department) came and went but Mrs Bruce was the constant. I know how fond Angela was of her. I think Angela was surprised to find herself replacing Mrs Bruce when that formidable lady retired in 1974.

Anglela did not set about emulating someone whom she so admired. Instead, she brought her own great qualities to the task. She consistently showed kindness, empathy, an apparent unwillingness to panic, efficiency, and loyalty. She knew as most of us did then that the School was not stepping-stone to other things. Once in post, one stayed.

Her reign saw huge changes not least in the technologies we had and in the size of the Department (and the School). In the 1990s, our support staff were recognised as such and for a short while things got easier. She made that possible.

I am left with memories of her kindness and saddened by her passing."


Professor Leonard Leigh writes:

"I am sorry to hear of Angela's death. She was a much valued colleague during the whole of my stay at the LSE and an invaluable support during my period as convenor."


Professor Robert Reiner writes:

"Angela was the bedrock of the department. I always found her charming and helpful as well as wise and efficient. My condolences to her family."


Professor Sarah Worthington writes:

"Angela welcomed me to the Department when I arrived in 1997. She brought warmth, joy, humour and good spirits to the task of managing the Department and all of us in it. It says everything about how central and highly valued she was that, two decades after her formal retirement, she remained a much loved and welcome part of the endeavour."


Professor Alain Pottage writes:

"Angela was a wonderfully kind and mischievously funny person, and a great colleague in the years that I knew her. After Susan, and now with Angela, I feel that an older and perhaps better world is passing."


Professor Trevor Hartley writes:

"I came to LSE shortly before Angela became departmental manager and remained until she retired. She was always very kind and helpful. I think she was an excellent departmental manager and did a great deal for both staff and students."


Professor Martin Loughlin writes:

"I first met Angela when she had just been appointed Department Manager and I was an undergraduate student. And almost thirty years she was still in place when I returned to the School just a year or so before she retired. We had had many dealings in the interim. Angela was always kind, helpful, very efficient and highly professional, but her keen sense of humour and clarity of perspective always shone through. She was greatly missed on her retirement, though it was a pleasure to see her return on social occasions.  I was most sorry to hear of her death; may she be at peace."


Professor Carol Harlow writes:

"The loss of Angela shortly after the death of Sue seems to be the end of an era in the Law Department. Our group of secretaries was so willing, cheerful and efficient but Angela was a link with the days of Lord Chorley, to whom she was devoted, and other founding members. 

I got to know Angela well when I was convener and she saved me from many blunders. I last saw Angela at the lunch for her 80th birthday and was glad to see her looking so well and keeping active. We both liked gardens, so I shall remember our trip with Sue to the Hampton Court flower show with special pleasure.

Angela will be remembered as an efficient and deeply committed Departmental Secretary and also as a most agreeable colleague."


Professor Rosalyn Higgins writes:

"Really so sorry to get this news. Such a lovely person and not old enough to go. With her and Susan Hunt gone, it feels like a sad page has been turned."


Marian Roberts writes:

"Professor Simon Roberts, who benefitted from all of Angela’s 33 valuable years in the Department, held her in the highest regard and with much warm affection."


Professor Robert Baldwin writes:

"It is a great sadness to hear of Angela's death. She was a wonderful, supportive colleague in the Law Department for so long and her calm, authoritative presence was a central factor in setting the whole tone of the Department for many years. She was liked and respected by all who knew her and she could sniff out pretence, fakes and airs and graces at a huge distance - and instantly. Few people ever fooled Angela. She will be very greatly misses by so many people."


Professor Julia Black writes:

"Angela was a central figure in the Law Department for so many years – generations of LSE students and faculty have been through the Department on her watch.  There weren’t many she didn’t know, and not much she didn’t know about.   She was welcoming, efficient, had high standards, and a wicked sense of humour.  She was also a very warm and generous person.  She will be much missed."


Rachel Yarham writes:

"I was very sad to hear of the passing of Angela; so soon after we lost Susan Hunt.
I had the privilege of working with Angela in her last year at LSE.  She was kind and very supportive during the year we worked together.  I only wish I'd been able to work with her longer.

I last saw Angela at her 80th birthday lunch and it was lovely to see her looking so well and I know she enjoyed seeing old friends again.

She will be sadly missed."


Professor Rick Rawlings writes:

"Angela was a very important figure in the Department for many years. She was always very kind to me - and good fun. Yes, the end of an era."


Professor Erika Szyszczak writes:

"Angela was such a solid presence in the Law Department. Always immaculate, she was organised and efficient. She took everything in her stride, with a dry sense of humour.  She built, and cared for, a strong team of colleagues, and knew when to intervene to ensure life in the Department - including students - ran smoothly.   With the recent loss of Susan Hunt,  it is a sad time and a lost era."


Elizabeth Durant (Law department staff 1989 - 2004) writes:

I remember first meeting Angela back in about March 1989 when I had an interview for a secretarial post in the Law Department. She showed me a class handout which I later knew was from Professor Lord Bill Wedderburn. I had never seen so much underlining in my life, all these cases. Angela asked me if I could do this sort of typing. "Yes of course, not a problem" I said. Well to cut to the chase I was successful with the interview and spent the next 15 years working in the department. Angela was fashionable and considerate and fair and I admired her. I was sad to hear that Angela had passed away as she always seemed ageless to me. May she rest in peace. Amen. 


Clare Lynch writes:

As a long time friend of Susan Hunt and an LSE law graduate I came to know Angela. She was an absolutely lovely lady. Wonderful sense of humour. Every one she came into contact with had enormous respect and affection for her. She will be sorely missed Rest in peace Angela