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Our ambition is to maximise China's contribution to addressing global challenges through research, policy engagement and education


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Erik Berglof and Richard McGregor, Three Tigers, One Mountain: China, Japan and the US in the Pacific Century (October 2017).


Liberalisation and Financial Resilience in a Global Context, joint Tsinghua University-LSE 1st workshop at Tsinghua University (December 2017).

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Kerry Brown and Shirley Yu, LSE SU East Asia Forum 2019 New Chapter for Cooperation? 

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LSE Power Breakfast: George Magnus and Ron Anderson (October 2018).

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LSE SU China Development Forum 2018 China's Perspectives Redefined.

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LSE Power Breakfast: Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan (December 2017).

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Erik Berglof, LSE SU China Development Forum 2017 A Nation at the Crossroads.

CDF_2017_747x560 (3)
LSE SU China Development Forum 2017 

A Nation at the Crossroads.



As part of the LSE Institute of Global Affairs (IGA) at the LSE School of Public Policy, the Global China Initiative's (GCI) ambition is to maximise China’s contribution to addressing global challenges through research, policy engagement and education. The GCI aims to be: 

-    the most resourceful and influential channel for working together on key global challenges with Chinese academics, policymakers and business representatives, linking them to their counterparts in other emerging and advanced economies and to important international processes, including the G20 and the UN system;

-    open, academically independent and evidence-based in engaging in-depth with Chinese and non-Chinese colleagues. This ambition is reflected in both the governance and funding structure of the GCI.


Past events


Liberalisation and Financial Resilience in a Global Context

5th November 2019 | Beijing, China

The 3rd joint LSE-Tsinghua University workshop supported by the ESRC and the NSFC on Liberalisation and Financial Resilience in a Global Context took place on 5 November in Beijing.

View the workshop programme and photos

Erik_central school china

Chinese Central Party School lunch event

12th September 2019

A delegation of experts from the Central Party School met with the team at IGA including Erik Berglof to discuss shared student experiences, with the focus on post-graudate education. 


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How Reform Worked in China

Tuesday 21 May, 6:30pm | Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

Chinese economist Yingyi Qian will be in dialogue with Jin Keyu to discuss Qian’s book How Reform Worked in China: The Transition from Plan to Market.

In his book Yingyi Qian asks whether Chinese successful economic design at the institutional and policy levels and the dual-track implementation of markets can enrich the world’s repository of understanding of contemporary modalities of development. He argues that to understand how reform has worked in China one has to look at initial historical conditions and contemporary constraints.

Chair: Professor Erik Berglof, Director of the Institute of Global Affairs.

China in the AI World_113x146

LSE2 Power Breakfasts | China in the AI World

3rd April 2019

Speakers: Long Chen and Christopher Pissarides.

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LSE SU East Asia Forum | New Chapter for Cooperation?

23rd March 2019 | Old Theatre, Old Building

Co-hosted by the LSE SU's Korea Future Forum, Japan Society, China Development Society and LSE's Institute of Global Affairs.

2018 was the year of changes in East Asia. Can 2019 be the year for cooperation and integration? 

We are living in an era of non-cooperation and uncertainty - Brexit, US’ withdrawal from the TPP, US-China trade war, South Korea and North Korea are far yet to have actual progression, and continuous historical disputes between neighbouring countries still exist. It is the time where cooperation between countries is desperately needed.

China Development Forum 2019 - Embracing New Dynamics

Embracing New Dynamics

China Development Forum 2019

23 February 2019 | Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

Hosted by LSE SU China Development Society and the LSE Institute of Global Affairs in conjunction with the Confucius Institute for Business London (CIBL).

Click here  for the more information.

Can China escape the Middle Income Trap 300x300

Can China escape the Middle Income Trap?

4 December 2018 | Vera Anstey Room, Old Building

The Chinese Economy is evolving rapidly. Despite a slowdonwn in growth in recent years China is continuing to climb up the value-added ladder in many industries and in some areas of high tech Chinese companies are on par with or even ahead of US and European competitors. These changes are accompanied by important institutional changes throughout the economy and in the political sphere. Yet, there are important questions about China's ability to escape the co-called Middle Income Trap where many countries have failed in making the transition from middle-income to high-income status. Where is China in this regard?

The LSE Institute of Global Affairs was delighted to welcome two of China's foremost economists: Professor Chong-En Bai, Chairman of the Economics Department at Tsinghua University and incoming Dean of the School of Economics and Management, China's top economics department and business school; Professor Xu Chenggang, Cheung Kong Business School, was the winner of the 2016 China Economic Prize. Both have played important roles in economic policymaking in China over the last two decades.Dr Yu Tinghua is a Fellow in the LSE Department of Government and teaches at the LSE School of Public Policy.

Engaging China 300x300

Engaging China: a conversation with The New York Times and London School of Economics

Monday 26 November 2018 | FAW.9.04, Fawcett House

After centuries of isolation, China is reclaiming what its leaders regard as its rightful position in Asia and globally. The New York Times published a package this month on China’s rising economic and political power and reach, including its increasing engagement on global issues. Jim Yardley, The Times’s Europe editor and Pulitzer Prize winning former Beijing correspondent, and Peter Goodman, who also spent years covering China and is now a global economics correspondent, will discuss China’s opening up and increasing global engagement with LSE Professor Jin Keyu, a leading macroeconomist and Chinese economy expert.

The panel explored China’s growing ability to redraw the terms of trade, diplomacy and security, challenging the liberal democratic order. They also discussed the relationship between President Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump leading up to the G20 Summit, and China’s refusing to defer to an American-dominated world order.



Same bed, different dreams

LSE Power Breakfasts | Same bed, different dreams?

16th October 2018

Speakers: George Magnus and Ron Anderson.

Mind the MIT

LSE Power Breakfasts | Mind the Middle Income Trap!

14th March 2018

Speakers: Riccardo Crescenzi and Sergei Guriev

View the PowerPoint Presentation.


LSE SU China Development Forum 2018 – China’s Perspectives Redefined 

3rd February 2018 | Old Theatre, LSE

Welcoming its 10-year anniversary, the 2018 Forum aimed to inspire a series of intellectually-stimulating discussions revolving around how China will reshape her future as it ventures into a new world order. With a view to providing in-depth analyses and answers to the challenges facing China in the new era, the LSE Institute of Global Affairs and the LSE SU China Development Society brought together world-renowned speakers to join the debate and share their invaluable insights across a range of topics at the 2018 CDF.

For further information, please click here.

China's Guaranteed Bubble

LSE Power Breakfasts | China's Guaranteed Bubble and its Global Implications

30th January 2018

Speaker: Ning Zhu

View the PowerPoint Presentation

Tsinghua U

Liberalisation and Financial Resilience in a Global Context

Joint Tsinghua University-LSE workshop

13th December 2017 | Tsinghua University, Beijing

This workshop discussed distortions and the two-sector nature of the Chinese economy;financial liberalisation under such circumstances; and China’s growing engagement in globalfinancial governance – “Global China”.

The event was the initial meeting under a grant of the UK Economic and Social Research Council(ESRC) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and co-organised by Tsinghua University and London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). It brought together academics from lead Chinese universities and LSE, central bank officials, policymakers and business practitioners.

LSE IGA Director, Erik Berglof and Programme Director, Piroska Nagy Mohacsi took part in this event.

The Great Reversal - Leaflet Cover

LSE Power Breakfasts | The Great Reversal - demographics driving global trends

7th December 2017

Speakers: Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan.

Read the speakers' paperDemographics will reverse three multi-decade global trends

Asias Reckoning

Three Tigers, One Mountain: China, Japan and the US in the Pacific Century 

19th October 2017 | TW1 G.01 

For more than half a century, American power in the Pacific has successfully kept the peace. But it has also cemented the tensions in the toxic rivalry between China and Japan, consumed with endless history wars and entrenched political dynasties. Today, the combination of these forces, together with Donald Trump's unpredictable impulses and disdain for America's old alliances, threatens to upend the region and accelerate the unravelling of the postwar order. If the United States helped lay the postwar foundations for modern Asia, now the anchor of the global economy, Richard McGregor spoke how that structure is now crumbling, something he has chronicled in his new book, Asia's Reckoning.

Global Leadership

LSE Power Breakfasts | Global Leadership – by default or by design? 

18th October 2017

Speakers: Richard McGregor and Michael Mastanduno.


Urbanisation in China – Patterns and Governance

22nd February 2017

China’s urban population is growing every year by 20 million - roughly a city the size of London and Paris combined together. This has gone together with a breathless expansion of the area covered by towns and cities.

Chinese urbanisation take on particular forms because of two particular institutions: the household registration system (hukou), and public ownership of land. A distinctive feature of the governance of Chinese towns and cities is the nationwide network of grass-roots autonomous organisations to manage and run the daily life of urban communities.  

Speakers: Stephan Feuchtwang, Athar Hussain, Jude Howell, Fulong Wu.


LSESU China Development Forum 2017 – A Nation at the Crossroads

11th February 2017 | New Academic Building, LSE

For three decades China has grown miraculously, lifting millions out of poverty and elevating parts of the country to standards comparable with the world’s most advanced nations. However, as China’s economy slows, and as underlying structural issues continue to surface, observers both within and outside China increasingly question the so-called ‘China Model’. Standing at the crossroads, China now faces critical choices. The LSESU China Development Forum 2017, co-hosted by the Institute of Global Affairs and the LSESU China Development Society, will bring together more than 25 world-renowned speakers to debate and share their invaluable insights on these issues.

Speakers include: Vince Cable, Cindy Fan, Zhou Hanmin, Jude Howell, Jia Kang, Zou Ming, Adair Turner, Gudrun Wacker.

Highlights video


Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built

9th May 2016 | Alumni Theatre, New Academic Building

Duncan Clark’s book, Alibaba: The House that Jack Ma Built, provides an insider’s view of the unprecedented rise of Alibaba. Having been an early adviser to Ma, Clark chronicles his experience of China’s online usage and the progression of Alibaba on the global stage.

Speaker: Duncan Clark OBE (@duncanclark) graduated from LSE with a BSc Economic History in 1990. He is Chairman of BDA China, a consultancy he founded in Beijing in 1994 after four years as an investment banker with Morgan Stanley in London and Hong Kong. Over the past 19 years, Duncan has guided BDA to become the leading investment advisory firm in China, specialized in China’s technology, Internet and e-commerce.

Chair: Professor Erik Berglof, Director of the Institute of Global Affairs.

China Meritocracy

LSE Power Breakfasts | The Evolving China Model: Meritocracy or New Autocracy?

6th April 2016

Speakers: Daniel Bell and Mayling Birney.

China Economic Adjustment

LSE Power Breakfasts | China’s Economic Adjustment

10th March 2016

Speakers:  Michael Pettis and Keyu Jin.



Bai, Y; Jin, K and Lu, D (2018), working paper, Misallocation Under Trade Liberalization.

Berglof, E (2018) Learning from China. Project Syndicate. Published online.

Yu, S (2019) The Belt and Road Initiative: Modernity, Geopolitics and the Developing Global Order, Asian Affairs, DOI:10.1080/03068374.2019.1602389.

Coeurdacier, N; Guibaud, S and Jin,K, (2014) Fertility Policies and Social Security Reforms in China, IMF Economic Review, 62 (3), 371-408.

Clark, D (2016) Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma BuiltUSA: Harper-Collins.



Shirley Yu,  IGA Visiting Senior Fellow, was interviewed on BBC News on the G20 summit and the US-China trade deal (28 June 2019).





How reform worked in China _747x560

Yingyi Qian, Erik Berglof and Keyu Jin How Reform Worked in China (May 2019).

IGA-Tsinghua Workshop_747x560

Bai Chong-En, Ron Anderson and Keyu Jon, Financial Integration under de-globalisation pressures & incomplete markets, 2nd joint Tsinghua University-LSE workshop at LSE (December 2018).

China in the AI World_747x560

LSE Power Breakfast: Long Chen and Christopher Pissarides (April 2019).

GPOL_747x560 (2)

GPOL Launch Jawad Iqbal, Erik Berglof, Keyu Jin, Duncan Clark OBE and Sergei Guriev (May 2017).

CDF_2018_747x560 (3)

LSE SU China Development Forum 2018 China's Perspectives Redefined.

Alibaba_The House that Jack Ma_747x560

Erik Berglof and Duncan Clark OBE Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built (May 2016).