Turkey and the world

Turkey and the World

Analysing Turkish foreign policy and Turkey’s global engagement

Turkey’s standing as an emerging power has evolved since the turn of the 21st century and its new forays into regions such as central Asia, Africa and Latin America have attracted wide international attention. From its initiatives in the Horn of Africa to its involvement in civil wars in the Middle East, Ankara’s formulation of a ‘new’ Turkish foreign policy reflected changing domestic and external factors as well as an overall trend away from Western orientation to emerging power foreign policy.

Analysing the interplay between domestic and external drivers of Ankara’s foreign policy outreach will allow us to better grasp Turkey’s engagement with international politics. LSE IDEAS Turkey and the World aims to contribute to academic and policy debates on contemporary trends in Turkish foreign policy.



  • Global middle powers and the changing world order | LSE Festival
    Wednesday 12th June, 6.30pm

    With recent elections in Turkey, and forthcoming voting in South Africa and the Western world (the UK, EU and the US), this panel will delve into the aspirations and perspectives of global middle powers, and will analyse the impact of their rise on the global order. 

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  • NATO Enlargement and Türkiye's Partnership with the West, Wednesday 24th Jan, 6-7.30pm
    This event brought together experts and practitioners to examine Türkiye’s past and future role within NATO in light of the organisation’s 75th anniversary, its recent enlargement and current challenges. 

  • After the Earthquakes: Turkish Elections, Politics and Foreign Policy in 2023
    This event will explore the consequences of the 6 February 2023 earthquakes for Turkish society, politics and foreign policy.

  • Research workshop: LSE IDEAS Turkish Foreign Policy Workshop. 5-6 October 2022.
    This event examined contemporary trends in Turkish foreign policy as a part of the collaborative research project with Koç University. Speakers: Şuhnaz Yılmaz, Belgin Şan Akça, Mustafa Kutlay, Chris Alden, Katerina Dalacoura, Buğra Süsler. 
  • Conference: Turkish Foreign Policy in an Era of Global and Regional Turmoil 
    This conference was held in Istanbul, Turkey, in collaboration with LSE International Relations Department and Koc University the Center for Research on Globalization, Peace, and Democratic Governance (GLODEM) and International Relations Department. 7-9 February 2019. Speakers: Chris Alden, Buğra Süsler, Katerina Dalacoura, Tarık Oğuzlu, Şuhnaz Yılmaz, Belgin Şan Akça. Discussant: Ziya Öniş.   

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Dr Buğra Süsler, Head of Turkey and the World at LSE IDEAS. 


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