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Turkey's Involvement in the Libyan Conflict, the Geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean and Drone Warfare

Bugra Susler


Bu─čra Süsler

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at LSE IDEAS

Dr Buğra Süsler’s Strategic Update explains Turkish foreign policy-making around a fragile Libya, highlighting its impact on power dynamics in the North Africa and the Middle East, as well as opening a gateway to sub-Saharan Africa. The paper addresses Turkey’s regional economic and political motives, the AKP’s increasingly hawkish use of hard power – especially the diplomatic and ethical implications of the Turkish military’s specialisation in drone warfare – and Ankara’s desire to maintain mutually beneficial relations with Libyan power-brokers key to post-civil war reconstruction.

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Turkey's Involvement in the Libyan Conflict

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 Turkey's Involvement in the Libyan Conflict


About the author

Dr Buğra Süsler is Lecturer in International Organisations and International Conflict and Cooperation at University College London Political Science Department and Visiting Fellow at LSE IDEAS. His research focuses on Turkish foreign policy, emerging powers, and international conflict and cooperation. He holds a PhD in International Relations from the LSE. He is the author of Turkey, the EU, and the Middle East: Foreign Policy Cooperation and the Arab Uprisings (Routledge, 2020).