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IDEAS events aim to provide the public, policymakers, and professionals with diplomatic insight. Our events include public lectures, debates, policy workshops, and international conferences.

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Is America Back? Transatlantic Relations from Trump to Biden
Online public event, 4 to 5.30pm BST, Wednesday 26 May

According to some observers normalcy only returned to the United States in January 2021 with Biden’s inauguration, but have recent years, particularly those since 2016, really warranted the claims of decline of the USA and end of ‘the West’? Rosa Balfour, Michael Cox and Jussi M. Hanhimäki discuss this.

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17+1: China's Foreign Policy in Central Europe
Online public event, 4 to 5.30pm BST, Friday 28 May

Once the beacon of Chinese influence in Central and Eastern Europe, the 17+1 project has largely proved ineffective. How will Chinese diplomacy fare in a post-Covid world where transatlantic cooperation seems to be re-emerging?

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How Can Donors Best Support Police Reform in Non-Western Contexts?
Online public event, 1 to 2.30pm BST, Friday 4 June

2020 saw mass protests against police violence in the US, Colombia, Nigeria and Indonesia, amongst other contexts. But when considering what to do about it, those interested in reform are confronted with a weak evidence-base on effective measures to reduce police violence. This leaves a prominent and unanswered question – how do you actually reform the police? This is the final webinar in a series on police reform.

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Empires Past and Present: empires today
Online public event, 6.30 to 8pm BST, Tuesday 8 June

For the last seventy years, the United States has been the predominant state within the international system. Does it make sense to call the United States an empire? Is its power now irrevocably waning? Are we in the midst of a transfer of global power and wealth from west to east? Will China — another international power that can be seen as an empire — be the state benefitting most from the global changes we are now seeing?

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Can the United States effectively formulate and practice a national strategy?
Online public event, 6 to 7.30pm BST, Tuesday 15 June 

In this first of a series of lectures on Strategy: New Voices, Matthew Kroenig asks what is needed for an effective US national strategy.

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A New Diplomacy for the Emerging Global Binary: Digitalisation, Pandemics and the Search for a Reset
Online public conference, Thursday 17 and Friday 18 June

Join LSE IDEAS and CSDS for a timely debate on the future of diplomacy in the contemporary global binary era. The nature of diplomacy has evolved radically in recent years. Can diplomacy manage the emerging global competition? What are the necessary diplomatic skills in the 2020s? How must diplomatic practice adapt to the new global dynamic? Is it possible to reset collective action problem solving multilateral diplomacy given the transnational nature of contemporary global challenges?

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You can listen to podcasts of previous LSE IDEAS events here.

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