Reforms to Strengthen the European Monetary Union

How do you strengthen the European Monetary Union?

Vítor Constâncio, the former Vice President of the European Central Bank, explored the possible reforms proposed to strengthen the EMU and their predicted consequences.

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Event recorded 2 October 2018


Biographies from time of event

Vítor Constâncio (@VMRConstancio) is the former Vice President of the European Central Bank and Former Governor of the Bank of Portugal.

Iain Begg (@IainBeggLSE) is a Professorial Research Fellow at the LSE's European Institute and Co-Director of the Dahrendorf Forum, a project of LSE Ideas.

The LSE European Institute (@LSEEI) is a centre for research and graduate teaching on the processes of integration and fragmentation within Europe. In the most recent national Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014) the Institute was ranked first for research in its sector.

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