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Welcome to the European Institute, established to understand better the causes and processes of integration and fragmentation within Europe.  Read more about the Institute|


European Institute MSc core course videos now available to view!|

EI teaching staff discuss EU421, EU424, EU435, EU443, EU446, EU447, EU452 and EU452

‘The EU economy after the great recession’|
with: Pier Carlo Padoan, Italian Minister of Economy and Finance
Tuesday 29 April 2014 
Time: 18.30-20.00
Venue: LSE Old Theatre
‘European Parliamentary Elections: What’s at stake?’|
with: Sir Menzies Campbell, Stuart Wheeler, Mark Leonard, Dr Sara Hagemann & Prof Maurice Fraser
Wednesday 30 April 2014 
Time: 18.30-20.00
Venue: LSE Sheikh Zayed Theatre

Fixing Europe Dialogue 1: Roger Bootle and Philippe Legrain|
Public debate/double book launch between authors Roger Bootle and Philippe Legrain
Monday 12 May 2014, 18.30-20.00
Venue: Old Theatre, LSE

Book signing and sale of the two books to follow: ‘The Trouble With Europe - Why The EU Isn’t Working How It Can Be Reformed - What Could Take Its Place’ (Roger Bootle)
and ‘European Spring: Why Our Economies and Politics are in a Mess - and How to Put Them Right’ (Philippe Legrain)

‘From Subsidy to Strategic Investment: What can the EU's new, reformed Regional Policy do for growth and jobs in 2014-2020?’|
with: European Commissioner for Regional and Urban Policy Johannes Hahn, in conversation with Professor Iain Begg, LSE European Institute
Wednesday 28 May 2014, 18.30-20.00
Venue: Sheikh Zayed Theatre
MPhil/PhD Admissions 2014/15
Admissions for the MPhil/PhD programme in European Studies for entry in 2014/15 are still open until 28 April 2014. Click here| for more information.


‘Fixing Europe Dialogue 2: John Peet and Hugo Dixon’
Public debate/double book launch between authors John Peet and Hugo Dixon
Tuesday 27 May 2014
Time: 18.30-20.00, LSE New Theatre

Book signing and sale of the two books to follow: ‘Unhappy Union: How the Euro Crisis- and Europe - Can Be Fixed’ (John Peet & Anton LaGuardia)
and ‘The In/Out Question - Why Britain Should Stay In The EU And Make It Better’ (Hugo Dixon)



Monthly EI Newsletter|
Our monthly newsletter, EI Digest contains information on the latest news and developments within the EI, including new publications and media articles by staff.

Previous issues of the Digest can be viewed here|.

Please subscribe to the Digest's mailing list to keep up to date with our latest news by emailing the editor Loukia Vassiliou at l.vassiliou@lse.ac.uk|

‘A Crisis of European Democracy?’|
Speakers: Catherine de Vries, Claes de Vreese, Mark Franklin and James Tilley
Recorded: 11 March 2014

'Accountability and efficiency in the European Union: 20 Years of Co-decision'|
Speakers: Sara HagemannFergal O’Regan and Anthony Teasdale 
Recorded: 6 March 2014

‘The UK and the EU: sovereign illusions in an age of interdependence’|
Speaker: Alexander Stubb
Recorded: 5 March 2014

‘Surprise What Surprise?: The Old “new” nationalisms in Post-security Europe’|
Speaker: Professor Mabel Berezin
Recorded: 26 February 2014

‘The United Kingdom and the European Parliament Elections: Voting For, Against or About the European Union?’|
Speakers: Prof Vernon Bogdanor, Prof Simon Hix, Prof Damian Chalmers and Mats Persson
Recorded: 12 February 2014
‘Winning and losing from EU enlargement: Politics and Principles’|
Speakers: (Lord) Timothy Boswell and Robert Cooper
Recorded: 11 February 2014

‘The Rise of Euroscepticism: Causes and Prospects’|
Speakers: Dr Matthew Goodwin and Peter Kellner
Recorded: 30 January 2014

‘Insurance and adjustment in a diverse monetary union – what can the Eurozone learn from the UK?’|
Speakers: Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Alberto Montagnoli, Danuta Hübner, Julia Darby
Recorded: 29 January 2014
Danuta Hübner’s blog post|
Book launch: ‘Informal Governance in the European Union - How Governments Make International Organisations Work’|
Speakers: Mareike Kleine, Helen Wallace, Duncan Snidal & Luuk van Middelaar
Recorded: 22 January 2014
‘Structural reforms to stimulate growth – more pain for workers and another credit bubble in the making?’|
Speakers: Tito Boeri, Gilles Saint-Paul and Laurence Boone
Recorded: 4 December 2013
‘An Industrial Compact for Europe’|
Speaker: Antonio Tajani
Recorded: 3 December 2013


Panel discussion: 'European competitiveness: is completing the single market the key?'
|Speakers: Yiannos Papantoniou, Damian Chalmers and Sebastien Dullien
Recorded: 21 November 2013

Joaquín Almunia
‘Competition policy: European and global perspectives’|
Speaker: Joaquín Almunia
Recorded: 11 November 2013
'The UK in the EU Single Market: What Next? Opportunities and challenges'
|Speaker: Michel Barnier
Recorded: 17 October 2013
'Can the European Union reconnect with its citizens?’|
Speaker: Gavin Hewitt
Recorded: 14 October 2013
Simon Hix
‘The 2014 European Elections: Why this time will be different’|
Speakers: Simon Hix, Doru Frantescu, Mats Persson, Bjorn Kjellstrom
Recorded: 2 October 2013

‘The future of Europe’s economy: Deliverance or disaster?’|
Speakers: Paul De Grauwe, Holger Schmieding, George Magnus, Thomas Mayer
Recorded: 18 September 2013

You may also read the report here|.

‘Why Europe Matters. The Case for the European Union’
|Speaker: John McCormick
Recorded: 17 June 2013

‘Can Europe lead in a post-western world?’|
Prof Mary Kaldor, Professor of Global Governance, LSE
HE Dr Jaimini Bhagwati, Indian High Commissioner in London
Mark Leonard, ECFR co-founder and director
Chair: Robin Lustig, BBC Radio 4 former presenter
Recorded: Tuesday 11 June 2013
‘Representing Europeans: A Pragmatic Approach’
|Speaker: Prof Richard Rose
Recorded: 6 June 2013
'France’s place in Europe - One year into the Socialist Presidency’
|Jean-François Copé, Founder of Think tank Generation France and leader of the French opposition
Recorded: 5 June 2013

‘Do countries need currencies, and do currencies need countries?’
|LEQS Annual Lecture
Prof Harold James
Recorded: 21 May 2013

'The Lost Continent: Europe's Darkest Hour Since World War Two'
|Gavin Hewitt, BBC's Europe Editor
Recorded: 8 May 2013

'Countering the crisis: fixing the monetary union and upgrading EU employment policy’
|László Andor, EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
Recorded: 7 May 2013
'Britain and the EU: An Ever-Closer Union of Peoples?'
|Sir Malcolm Rifkind
Recorded: 2 May 2013
‘Will the euro crisis kill the single market?’
|Shahin Vallée, Sebastian Dullien and Waltraud Schelkle
Recorded: Monday 22 April 2013
'Norway's experience with the EEA. An example for Britain?’
|Erna Solberg, Leader and Prime Minister Candidate 2013 of the Conservative Party of Norway
Recorded: Monday 15 April 201

‘Let’s Get Europe Moving’
|Loïc Tribot La Spière, CEPS Director General
Peter Sutherland, Chairman of the LSE Court of Governors; Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General for Migration
Recorded: 7 March 2013


Ireland: Economic Recovery and the EU Presidency - Stability, Jobs and Growth
|Enda Kenny, Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland
Recorded: 11 March 2013
‘Why I am a Euro-optimist’
|Alain Juppé, Former Prime Minister of France
Recorded: 4 March 2013
'My Mediterranean’
|Prof David Abulafia
Recorded: 1 March 2013
‘EU on a Cross-road and the Future of Our European Project - a View from Central Europe’
|Speaker: Miroslav Lajčák, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic
Recorded: 13 February 2013
‘Geopolitical oblivion or a pragmatic approach? Britain, the EU and European foreign policy in 2012’

|Helga Schmid, Deputy Secretary General, EEAS
Gideon Rachman, Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, Financial Times
Dr Heather Grabbe, Director, Open Society European Policy Institute
Dr Spyros Economides, LSE European Institute
Chair: Susi Dennison, Scorecard Project Leader, ECFR

Recorded: 6 February 2013 
'Perspectives on the European crises from a small open economy'
|Anders Borg, Minister for Finance in Sweden
Recorded: 16 January 2013
'Blaming Europe? Citizens, Governments and the Media'
|Prof Sara Hobolt
Recorded: 5 December 2012
'The future of the European Union after the euro crisis: Political union and its discontents'
|Ulrike Guérot, José Ignacio Torreblanca, Mark Leonard, Anthony Teasdale
Recorded: 3 December 2012
'The eurozone’s design...failures. Can they be corrected?"
|Prof Paul De Grauwe
Recorded: 28 November 2012
'A banking union for Europe: how (and how not) to do it'
|Willem Buiter, Paul De Grauwe, Frank Heinemann
Recorded: 7 November 2012
Strengthening Competitiveness and Growth in Europe|
Philipp Rösler, German Vice-Chancellor
Recorded: 30 October 2012
The Mediterranean – an opportunity?”
|Lawrence Gonzi, Prime Minister of Malta
Recorded: 26 October 2012
"The European Union Now: what is it and where is it going?"
|Anthony Teasdale, Prof Simon Hix, Philip Stephens and Sir Stephen Wall
Recorded: 19 October 2012
'Spain's Economic Policy Strategy' 
|Luis de Guindos, Spanish Minister of the Economy and Competitiveness
Recorded: 4 October 2012
A European policy outlook: the crisis and beyond’
|Pierre Moscovici, French Finance Minister
Recorded: 17 September 2012

'Philosophy and European Union'|

Speaker: Simon Glendinning

Recorded 19 June 2012, approx 89 min


'Freud on Translation'|

Robert J. C. Young

Recorded 6 June 2012, approx 79 min.


'How Can European Migration Policies Promote Development?'|

Tobias Billström. in conversation with Peter Sutherland

Recorded: 23 May 2012, approx 63 min.


The Eurozone's Awkward Threesome: fiscal stance, macroeconomic stability and growth|

Leszek Balcerowicz

Recorded: 8 May 2012, approx 83 min.


On Guilt|

Robert Eaglestone, Edward Harcourt
Recorded: 8 May 2012, approx 87 min.


Can Greece get out of the crisis?|

Dimitris Daskalopoulos, Moritz Kraemer, Vicky Pryce, Poul Thomsen
Recorded: 28 March 2012, approx 82 min.

Rahel Jeaggi

Re-thinking Alienation|

Rahel Jaeggi
Recorded: 13 March 2012, approx 83 min.

Petr Necas 

Growth for Europe: Resuscitating the Single Market |

Petr Necas

Recorded: 29 February 2012, approx 58 min

Roger Scruton 

Literary Festival 2012: The Culture of Europe |

Roger Scruton, in conversation with Maurice Fraser

Recorded: 29 February 2012, approx 85 min.

An Island in Europe: The EU and the Transformation of Cyprus|

Editors : James Ker-Lindsay, Hubert Faustmann, Fiona Mullen

"An Island in Europe" traces offers an authoritative and comprehensive account of a critical phase in Cypriot history, from a range of experts in the fields of politics, academia and conflict resolution.
Senza alibi: Perché il capitalismo italiano non cresce piu

Author: Marco Simoni

The book traces the recent economical history of Italy, and provides necessary explanations on why the legal and political reforms of capitalism didn't work. And to trace who is responsible for these choices as well as to propose coherent alternatives
The Last Ottomans
The Last Ottomans: The Muslim Minority of Greece 1940-1949|

Authors: Kevin Featherstone, Dimitris Papadimitriou, Argyris Mamarelis and Georgios Niarchos

The Last Ottomans traces a fascinating, untold story and tells it through an inter-disciplinary lens, raising important questions of relevance not only to the 1940s but also to the inherited assumptions and images of today.

LSE Europe in question discussion paper series|