Geography is Destiny - Britain's Complex Relationship with Europe

Ian Morris discusses with Michael Cox how geography, migration, government, and new technologies interacted to produce regional inequalities that still affect us today.

‘Geography Is Destiny’ is a 10,000 year history of Britain and its changing relationships with Europe and the wider world. Ian argues that we’re not prisoners of geography: geography drives what people do, but what people do drives what geography means. Based on the latest archaeological evidence, Ian’s book takes the long view of Britain, from its physical separation at the end of the Ice Age to the first flickers of a United Kingdom, struggles for the Atlantic, and rise of the Pacific Rim. As power and wealth shift from West to East, does Britain's future lie with Europe or the wider world?


This webinar was held on Monday 13 June 2022. 

Meet the speakers and chair

Ian Morris is former LSE IDEAS Philippe Roman Chair, Willard Professor of Classics, Professor of History and a fellow of the Archaeology Centre at Stanford University. He is the bestselling author of Why the West Rules – For Now and has appeared on a number of television networks, including the History Network and PBS. His newest book, Geography Is Destiny was published in May 2022.

Michael Cox is a Founding Director of LSE IDEAS.