Dominik Leusder

Dominik Leusder

Research Director of the LSE Global Economic Governance Commission


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English, French, German, Italian
Key Expertise
Political economy of global finance, macroeconomic policy, Europe, Italy

About me

Dominik A. Leusder is the Research Director of the LSE Global Economic Governance Commission. His work focuses on European- and International Political Economy, geoeconomics, international finance and financial history. His thoughts on these topics have been published widely and in various languages, with some of his research now featuring in LSE’s syllabus.

His commentary and research have been cited in, among other places, Foreign Policy, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, The Financial Times, Jacobin Magazine, The South China Morning Post, the Foreign Policy Research Institute, and the Council of Foreign Relations.

He has completed his graduate work in political economy and economic history at LSE. He previously worked as a macroeconomist in the City of London and as a Research Fellow for Dezernat Zukunft, the institute for microfinance in Berlin. He is also a regular contributor to the Phenomenal World blog of the Jain Family Institute in New York City.