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'Better Together' digital platform highlighting company responses to COVID-19 launched by LSE IDEAS

We have launched a digital information platform to showcase and promote the efforts of businesses who are tackling COVID-19.

The UN Business and Human Security Initiative at LSE IDEAS has designed the “Better Together” platform as a resource to inform and inspire people in the public, private and civil sectors to work together to address the complex challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, that require collective action at local level. 

It provides access to evidence, good practices and lessons on how companies are teaming up with other actors in communities to tackle the crisis, with a particular focus on experiences in fragile societies.

The platform was launched with organisations such as Business and Human Rights (BHR), UNDP in Colombia, the PeaceStartup Foundation, the Institute of Economics and Peace, and Bureau van Dorp, experts in responsible business in fragile and conflict-affected areas. 

Within the platform, visitors are able to find examples of corporate partnerships and collaborations between business, government and civil society to address community needs, as well as comments and insights from the practical experiences of senior managers, local operatives and advisors. It also provides links to publications and research to inform business, policy and humanitarian initiatives. 

Dr Mary Martin, Director of the UN Business and Human Security Initiative at LSE IDEAS, says: 

“In the weeks and months ahead, business will be crucial to building resilience and addressing the consequences of this crisis. This is why it’s so important to have a platform like this, which not only celebrates private sector efforts to tackle COVID-19 so far, but can inspire further corporate participation in community recovery  efforts.” 

“Collective action at local level and learning across borders will ultimately be the key resources that rebuild societies hit by the wide-ranging and profound implications of this pandemic. Through the Better Together platform, we want to build a picture of that collective action…we want to make these actions visible and make them count.” 

Click here to visit the Better Together platform.