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The Better Together platform aims to capture and inspire action by companies to work with government, civil society and communities across the world. The platform is also a chance to identify and address challenges of collaboration and collective action during the coronavirus pandemic.

Collective action across borders, but also at community level, will be key to rebuilding societies hit by the implications of this pandemic. COVID-19 has shown the limits of national action, the value of cross-thinking and co-operation at the international level, but the importance of working with communities to confront this challenge.

Better Together focuses on partnerships and alliances between companies and other groups at community level which aim to deliver protection and resilience. It is a platform to share experiences, learn lessons, and encourage constructive co-operation at the local level.

Help us to document rapid and novel solutions to address the many implications of the crisis and how companies can work with others to rebuild human security.




Establishing sustainable partnerships in response to COVID-19


Linda Benraïs uses French examples to highlight lessons learned and emerging good business practices that can shape future COVID-19 partnerships.

You can explore other examples by region or sector.


On the Better Together platform, you will find:

  • examples of corporate partnerships and collaborations between business, government and civil society to address community needs
  • multi-stakeholder interventions to help communities
  • insights from the practical experiences of senior managers, local operatives and advisors 
  • links to publications and research to inform business, policy and humanitarian initiatives
  • guides for interpreting business responsibility

We welcome contributions to the platform that can inform business, policy-makers, NGOs and academics.

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Browse other cases and access publications and resources relating to the private sector, COVID-19, and human security.

The Better Together platform is supported by LSE IDEAS, Business & Human Rights, Peace Startup, Institute for Economics & Peace, and Bureau Van Dorp.

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