Comparative Politics and Political Economy

The Comparative Politics group brings together a wide range of expertise on the politics of all major world regions, with a particular focus on the developing world.

Research Pillar(s): Comparative Politics and Area Studies

About: The Comparative Politics and Comparative Political Economy Research Group brings together a wide range of expertise on the politics of all major world regions, with a particular focus on the developing world.

Members: Dr Sarah Brierley, Prof Catherine Boone, Prof John Chalcraft, Dr Daniel Berliner, Prof Steffen Hertog, Prof Jonathan Hopkin, Dr Ryan Jablonski, Dr Mathias Poertner

Comparative Politics and Comparative Political Economy Seminar Series

The Comparative Politics and Comparative Political Economy seminar provides a platform for research students and faculty to discuss the on-going work of local and international researchers. Its focus is comparative politics, development and comparative political economy. It is supported by the Departments of Government and International Development and involves PhD students and faculty from these and many other departments. 

The seminar takes place in Autumn and Winter Term on Thursdays from 5.00pm to 6.30pm.

The 2023-24 Seminars will take place in-person in CBG.4.17.

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Seminar Convener(s): Prof Catherine Boone, Dr Steffen Herthog

Upcoming Seminars

Autumn Term

Thursday 5 OctoberDiminishing Returns? A Debate on the Growth Model Theory of Political Economy
Lucio Baccaro (Director at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies), Mark Blyth (Brown University), Jonas Pontusson (Professor of Comparative Politics, University of Geneva), Natalya Naqvi (Assistant Professor of International Political Economy, LSE), Pavithra Suryanarayan (Assistant Professor, LSE), Victoria Paniagua (Assistant Professor in International Political Economy, LSE)

Postponed: Welfare preferences of labour market insiders and outsiders in the Global South: evidence from Egypt
Thoraya El-Rayyes (Visiting Fellow, LSE)

Thursday 9 NovemberHow does market power affect political contestation in advanced democracies?
Tommaso Crescioli (PhD Candidate, LSE) and Toon van Overbeek ( Assistant Professor in Europe, Climate and Digital Society, Maastricht University and Visiting Fellow, LSE)

Thursday 23 NovemberLegibility as Commitment: Land Record Digitization and Conflict Over Infrastructure in India
Aliz Toth (Assistant Professor of Political Science, LSE)

Winter Term

Thursday 25 JanuaryBeing Seen by the State: Programmatic Cash Transfers and Women’s Political Participation in Pakistan
Rehan Jamil (LSE Fellow in Public Policy and Administration, LSE)

Thursday 1 February: Populism and Bond Markets (topic tbc) 
Alison Johnston (Associate Professor in Political Science, Oregan State University)

Thursday 15 FebruaryBorder Economies and Political Sovereignty
Victoria Hattam (Professor of Politics, The New York School for Social Research)

Thursday 7 MarchDefending parliament: responses of mainstream parties to parliamentary erosion
Isabela Mares (Arnold Wolfers Professor of Political Science and Director of the European Union Center, Yale)

Tuesday 26 MarchReimagining Property Rights
Margaret Levi (Professor of Political Science, Stanford), co-hosted with Political Science and Political Economy, 2.00pm to 3.30pm, SAL.3.05


Past Seminars

Michaelmas Term

Thursday 13 October: Charismatic Leaders and Nation-building
Lydia Assouad (LSE)

Thursday 20 October: Electoral Change, Occupational Coalitions, and the Prospects for Mainstream and Challenger Parties in Western Democracies
Peter Hall (Harvard)

Thursday 17 November: Members of the Same Club?: Subnational Variations in Electoral Returns to Public Goods
Tugba Bozcaga (KCL)

Thursday 1 December: Outsourcing the Polity: Non-State Welfare, Inequality and Resistance in Myanmar
Gerard McCarthy (National University of Singapore): 

Lent Term

Thursday 19 January: With a Whimper or with a Bang? Dynamic Intensity in Civil Wars
Stathis Kalyvas (Oxford)

Thursday 2 February: Patchwork States: Historical Roots of Subnational Conflict and Competition in South Asia
Dann Naseemullah (KCL)

Thursday 9 March: Making Gender Salient: From Gender Quota Laws to Policy
Ana Catalano Weeks (University of Bath): 

Thursday 23 March: Indentured Migration, Caste and Electoral Competition in Colonial India
Pavi Suryanarayan (LSE)