Abstract photograph of the LSE Government building with clouds reflected in the glass architecture.

Job Market Candidates

Find out more about the research and skills of our PhD Candidates entering the job market.

Maximillian Afnan

Research interests: Global justice | Global democracy | Global governance | Non-Western philosophy

 Photo of Vanessa Cheng-Matsuno

Vanessa Cheng-Matsuno

Research interests: Quantitative political economy | Political behaviour | Experiments | Causal inference

 Photo of Vincent Harting

Vincent Harting

Research interests: Normative Political Theory | The History of Socialist Political Thought | Constitutionalism | Democratic Innovations | Theories of Economic Justice

Portrait photo of Cain Shelley

Cain Shelley

Research interests: Class consciousness | Political education
Municipal politics and community organizing | Public ownership and egalitarian alternatives to capitalism | Left populism and its critics

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